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hey Guys! XD

I'm playin GRAW2 and i like those Music-Sounds of the mission 6-or 7...

where i must goo to the Water Observatory...

but... i don't know obaout extracting music files -.-

my head!! :D

can anyone help me with a simple instruction? (Shortsteps)

please don't link me o.O i had read all posts, but dunno what i must do -.-


Maybe Anyone can Export,and load it up for me ? its only this song...

but i also can laern it ;D *hope so o.O*

Thanks ^.^

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Wow, old topic but I thought I should post the readme and code for the updated version of the Python program here (version 0.2) for archival purposes.

# Script that can open and extract .bank files for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter


# TODO: Add files and recompile a .bank file and recreate the required xml file.


# http://www.rivetcode.com

# Author: firefly2442


# Version: 0.2


# Requirements:

# 1) Python (www.python.org) ... it's free!

# 2) The extracted contents of your bundle, thanks to Nemon for his great bundle extractor tool!

from Tkinter import *

from tkFileDialog import *

print "Please select the .bank music file you wish to extract."

print "-------------------------------------------------------"

bank_file = askopenfilename(filetypes=(('.bank music file', '*.bank'),('All files', '*')))

print "Location of .bank file:"

print bank_file

print "Please select the _wave.xml file that goes with the .bank file."

xml_file = askopenfilename(filetypes=(('.xml file', '*_wave.xml'),('All files', '*')))

print "Location of .xml file:"

print xml_file

# open and parse XML file

input = open(bank_file, 'rb') #rb for read in binary

for line in open(xml_file).readlines():

    if (line.find('file=') != -1):

        output = open(line[line.find('file=')+6:line.find(' ', line.find('file='))-1], 'wb')




print "All files saved and processed!"



.bank WAV file extractor

version: 0.2


by: firefly2442



1) Python (www.python.org) ... it's free!

2) The extracted contents of your bundle, thanks to Nemon for his great bundle extractor tool!

---Running the Program---

Once you have Python installed, double click on "extractor.py"

This will create a window asking you to open the .bank file

These .bank files are basically just one file with multiple .wav

sound files in them. Next, it will ask you for the corresponding

.xml file. These have the same name as the .bank file except they

also have "wav" in the name of the file. For example: "filename_wave.xml"

Once you select the xml file, it will do the processing and extract all the

wav files into your current directory. Pretty simple!

If you have any questions or need help, send me an email or checkout the

modding section of www.ghostrecon.net

Have fun. :)

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