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Ageia responds to Havok's comments

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Saw this on Slashdot today...but it's actually Friday's news. It's also over in the 360 forums, but I didn't see it here in the PC forums yet (yes, I searched).



"While Ghost Recon is a very interesting game which we applaud, it's only a taste of what you can expect in the next generation of games to which PhysX will bring literally 1,000s of interactive elements of physics into the gameplay itself. Have you seen CellFactor, a PhysX-enabled game demo which brings physics into the game? Explosions cause collateral damage, cloth sways and tears naturally, fluids of all types flow and impact the environment and players, telekinesis powers which control moveable objects that can be used as weapons in the game play. This exciting multiplayer game demo was shown at GDC in March. It's available for download now. And it's the shape of things to come."

Anyone going to E3 to check out their booth?

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I'll be there. Seriously. I'll post some pics when I return. If anyone has any requests for pix let me know.

I'll have plenty of pix from the Crytek booth. ;)

I'm interested on Crysis and ET Quake Wars please try the playable demos and let us know ;)

Lucky dog... :thumbsup:

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