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The Doh! factor

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Did you find yourself saying "Doh! I took the wrong weapon" when playing the game? I would love to see an intel area on top of the weapon selection screen denoting possible enemy armor or aircraft.

While it is possible to shoot down helos with rifles, tanks are another story. As custom COOP maps/gun mods start coming out (when ever that will be), there will be too many maps to remember what loadout to take. This has lead to many hosts having to abort the mission and start all over again because no one took MPARs or whatever.

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hmm I allways bring a zeus, and a GL. And I allways have at least one more of meh teammates bring a zeus (AI teammates that is, can't control COOP ones ;) ) .. also it would sort of take away from the immersion "you're going into unknown terrirory here, but a little bird sang and we know there'll be two tanks, a helo, four APC's and a coupple of jeeps" :P

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