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*runs in and speaks realy fast before anyone else can say anything*

I like the New banner for GRAW skin but find the blue a bit too dark and black text and red not to easy on the eyeballs ... BUT thats me & it does look good BTW.

Is there a possibility of having a 3rd skin called "alternate banner" or something that has the green of default forum skin but the banner of GRAW skin?

I think what im blabbing on about is a skin thats more about the banner than the rest of the forum colours.

Its certainly not a big issue but im interested to see if that is an option, or the "doing" of it for such a small thing isnt worth it with how the forum software works.

*runs away again*

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AH, okey dokey.

Nothing wrong with the "classic" original banner mind you, was just thinking the choice to mix it up a touch, best of both and all that.

(realises he's sounding like a noob making a toggle feature request for GRIN :( )


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Already an option Sairus. Take a look in the lower left hand corner of this page. There's a little drop down menu called "Skin Selector" You can choose GRNET Classic or GRNET GRAW. To be honest, I looked at the GRAW one for about 30 seconds and moved back to my nice comfortable home in green.

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