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is the mutiplayer community starting to grow?

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how many servers do u usually see when u log on. i want this game so bad, but if not many people play it, im not wasting my money.

There are about 27 servers up right now...there are usually more up during the evening hours (remember, there are no dedicated server files yet). You see more servers popup when people get home and start them up. The community is there, just not robust. We tried to tell GRIN this all along…that without good robust dedicated server support, there would not be a good and robust multiplayer community. There should be hundreds of servers up for this game at ANY GIVEN time. It isn't as bad as Lockdown mind you, but...

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If you like to play multi player COOP then I would wait until a patch comes out before buying.

They need to fix 2 things IMO before I recommend it to friends:

1. The game ending when the commander dies has got to be removed.

2. Host needs to have the OPTION of how many repawns there will be.

Of course there are other things for other people but I tell you what; I have never heard "I have to go to bed now" or "I'm going to watch TV now" or the deadly "Yawn" so much as in this game.

GRIN was so into the "realism" that they seem to have forgottent the "fun factor". If I wanted this level of hardcore play forced on me all the time, GRIN should have included an electric chair with the game :rofl:

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