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Are you tired because of the latest information about new cheats that already have been developped for GRAW? Do you want a cheatfree gaming experience? Do you want to show your real skills? Do not wait but register on PGL and create your clan today and be ready to start in this new adventure of the sequel of Ghost Recon along with Pro-GamingLeagues.

PGL is the ultimate gaming league for GRAW because we will offer what no other league can offer to you to date! Fair play.


Match Sneaker (PGL AC)


Brief sum-up of the program's function:

- Program works with any video game on the PC platform.

- Takes screenshots of the user's screen.

- Checks for cheats running on the user's machine during a match session.

- Checks if the user is a member or not of the league.

- Checks if a user is masking (using another name) under an eligible members name.

- Checks members status on the league and allow the session or not (suspended, transferring, locked, banned etc...)

this to avoid cases like for example, if a user wants to quit his team (transfer in this case) he wont be able to play matches during a defined period of time. This resolves the issue of reporting matches and the player in question is not in the roster anymore.

- Configurable proxy settings.

- Checks if Anti-Cheat central server is online and notifies the user.

- Launches automatically on user pre-defined preferences and Game startup.

- Logs the game session. (checks which time duration was selected for the current session and checks how long the current session really took.

- Checks if Match ID used for the session is valid or not.

- Checks data per Game and match type to redirect saved AC files for an easy browsing experience on the AC file server and download section.

- Use of the PGL Match Sneaker works lag free and at very low cpu usage.

- If a user had to experience an internet connection crash or system crash during a match session due to malicious people intentionally crashing them or regular system crash, the session files are not lost and can be sent to AC server at any time after system startup.

- Protected Files.

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What’s free and what is going to cost money?

Obviously running a high quality service like Pro-GamingLeagues.com costs money somewhere, so what is free and what is gonna cost money.

To ensure our goal in providing quality of service and retain capacity for professional developments and providing prizes for our laddering seasons/cycles, tournaments and events, we have no other way but to depend on the contribution from the users of our Gaming Ladders Department Services themself.

The Forums, Community, Webdesign, and Entertainment departments remain free of charges and are there to offer an additional service for the entire community at Pro-GamingLeagues.com.

Rates will be somewhat between $12 to $18 or 10€ to 15€ for a yearly subscription.

A. Subscription Terms.

U are welcome to use the services for free in a trial period of 28

days. After this trial period u will receive a notice to become a

subscribed member. If U do not want to become a subscribed member

u can continue visiting the Pro-GamingLeagues Gaming Ladders

Department but your gamers account will be suspended and kept in

our databases for future use if u had change your mind and decided

to become a subscribed user.

The Subscription will continue until Pro-GamingLeagues.com receives

notification of termination from you as described in

subsection C below. If you accepted an offer that included a free

trial period, your credit card account will not be charged until

after the end of the free trial period.If you subscribed for a term

of one (1) year or more, you will be notified by Pro-GamingLeagues.com

before the account designated by you is to be renewed after the first

term. Current fees may be obtained by going to the Registration page

at Pro-GamingLeagues Gaming Ladders Department. You shall provide

Pro-GamingLeagues.com with accurate, complete and updated information

as to your name and e-mail address provided by you at registration.

Failure to do so shall constitute a breach of this Agreement

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i"m dreaming . . . do we have to pay for reading this post to ??

go play on Clanbase ... :thumbsup: it s still free :P

It's pointless playing in a league anyway at the moment.. you can cut out some cheats but you can't cut out the server lag. Also paying to join a league is just plain poor IMO and would ruin any such fun I would have joining any league, with or without anti cheat software.

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The Pro-Gamingleagues ladders are free and will remain free for aslong as we can support it's cost. So forget about the paid subscriptions, they are not of application whatsoever.

This applies to any game we support at PGL. Our anti cheat works with any game so far including GRAW. We just opened a ladder for graw with rules and server settings and have put in place a small lobby where players can meet and find their matches on the fly.

So what are you waiting for, come over at PGL and have a blast with GRAW and don't worry about the cheats, our ac will take care of it, you just make sure you have fun :rolleyes:

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