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Bug or Feature?

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Everytime I reload a game, me and my team heal up one level of damage (red to yellow, yellow ot green).

I'm really starting to dislike this as its sorta cheating me out of my own progress. If I come to a check point with a severe wound, and my team is all shot up, I most likely will never be able to complete the mission with the added difficulty of these wounds. If I die, I'm gonna get resurected with more health than I started with.

I blew up the gas station in level 2 with me and 2 teamates at red, and the third at yellow. I of course kept getting slaughtered by the tank that appears before I figured out how to deal with it. Before long however, I was starting that check point with everyone at full health. Why can't I continue my game how I (auto)saved it?

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