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using a tracball

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wow trackball on FPS game.

Then again, someone keeps winning on NASCAR 2003 with a joystick vs guys with Momo steering wheels.

This is why we need a patch to remap the weapons/tactic/ROE solutions to the KB.

Interesting post. Hope you guys find a solution. :thumbsup:

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I had the same problem, so I went out and bought a cheap wheel mouse and plugged it in. I couldn't hit anything since i have used a logitech marble mouse for about 3 years now. Just for giggles, I plugged my marble mouse back in without unplugging the wheel mouse, and was pleasantly surprised to find that both mouses work without any problems in or out of the game. I now use my marble mouse to play the game, and the wheel mouse only to change weapons, and for squad movements! This might help your friend! My wheel mouse is a Kensington 19420, and I got it at a supermarket (LOL), for $9.99.


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Though, I still miss my marble mouse.

Have played FPS for 8+ years on & off and have never used a mouse!

Currently using an MS trackball Explorer, appreciate it's not exactly super fast but it's 5 button + scroll wheel. :)

Combining that with my N50 Nostromo I never use keyboard in game........ shame I can't play GRAW!!! <_<

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