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Problems with new computer


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My new computer is broken!! :'(

Whenever I start it up, after loading is finished, ill go to click on something, or ill move my mouse over the start button, and My PC speaker will beep once, then everything will freeze. I have no viruses. I booted in safe mode, and did a full system scan with 2 spyware softwares, and norton, and there was apparently no malicious code on my hard drive. This sounds to me like a hardware issue. Upon hiting th restart button, my CPU is at a max of 39 degrees celcius, and usually around 36 or 37.

Sorry for the typos, th keyboard on my old pc is like 10 years old.


Biostar NF4ST-A9 moterboard

AMD athalon 64 3700+

2 GIG corsair ddr2 RAM

250 GIG seagate sata HDD

6800 Ultra

350W PSU

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Your 350W PSU is on the low side for running a power hungry card like a 6800 Ultra.

I'd suggest minimum 450W, and it is worthwhile to spend a bit extra for a good brand-name one like Antec, Enermax, etc.

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With low power you wont see "hangs" in games... rather the entire game crashing or your system rebooting.

One thing that catches my eye: Why/how are you using DDR2 memory with an AMD CPU... it just doesn't work. Also, the motherboard doesnt support it.

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