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first impression........no good feel

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Just bought the full version and have been gaming it all day.....

these are my thoughts :

- It already began with an error code uppon install 6001 orso..... thx to the forum i fixed that otherwise i'd still be looking at that stupid no-solving little window.

- The graphics are real good, a little bit choppy if u have Vsync turned of, otherwise they are overall good to excellent......but thats about it im afraid.......

-too few maps

-a CRAPPY server, gamespy sucks and ther is no option whatsoever to direct connect ot another server.

-no decent coop mode, only mission, where is the FF, where are all the missiontypes that were promised before release ?? im i going insane, didnt they told us they wanted time to put in this pc version? that there would be A LOT of things that could be altered on the serverside??? where is that? i dont see any option.

- no modding tools, no mission editor, no notting.....

Didnt u jumped it too fast , just to cash in on the title? How can u release a game thats far from finished ? bugs and errors are flying around the place, the serving is a big step BACK in time and options are hardly there.

How can this be released with so little different maps? how do u think graw will survive for 5 years? I dont give it 5weeks if it stays like this.

We dont have to hope for patches or updates, this basic version is FAR from finished and it could have been so good since graphics and gameplay are very good to superb even with a lack of AA.

:wall::wall::wall: this is definately my last UBI buy, since they are definately more concerned in treathing their console kiddies and platforms do make easy money.


Ps: pls send me graw DVD II, i hope i missed it in my retail box !!!!

(dvd II : contains 10more maps, online server coop and tm vs tm with tens of dozens alterable gametypes and options,easy connection on the net, etc etc etc )

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I just wana add to coop. Is that true that when the leader dies mission's over?

What is he supposed to do, sit in the back doing nothing?

To me, it's a riddiculous idea.

It is true, and a bit annoying if you ask me. Also there is nop ossibility to select the team leader. The host gets to be the leader. Period :nono:

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Its a shame my first post on here is to express my disappointment for the game.

I have to agree. This game is in a beta version, and even that is stretching it.

The potential for this game is unlimited with about a month more work on it, we all would be so pleased.

I enjoy the game, but the lack of variety with maps/weapons/options is unsettling.

How hard would it have been to actually take what made GR1 so wonderful and put that into this game, and add a few new goodies.

1. Ded server files...OMG, that is almost unheard of for a game claiming up to 32 players in a server and expect that to run on a virtual box or a user server.

2. Replays. It is almost imperative for this game to become a serious competition game to have some sort of replay or demo capability. GR1 replay was awesome, let's get that in here ASAP.

3. A/C...as we have already seen, hax are out for this game and soon public hax will be everywhere and this game will be infested with cheaters....GRIN boasts of their in house AC, well, where is it? Psssh, stop trying to save a buck and pay Evenbalance. PB is better than nothing.

4. Maps...while the SP maps are good, why can't we play those in MP? You really thought only 5 maps would suffice a hungry community like this? How hard would that have been? While there are gamers who play mostly SP or COOP, typically FPS games are rated on their MP gameplay. All 5 maps look so damn similar its ridiculous. I don't want to see another tin building/maze again!

5. BUGS-BUGS-BUGS! Was this game even given to beta testers? How could they have missed some of these most obvious and destructive bugs. GRIN needs to release an emergency patch now because I am afraid that this game may be dead by the time June gets here.

6. SDK. Why has GR1 lasted for 5 years...because of the ability to mod it to keep it fresh. Release one before Shantytown drives me bonkers.

I would really like a GRIN representative to at least address some or all of these issues as I am sure they are reading this as well as all the other similar posts of disappointed GR fans. This game can be saved and can still be an awesome FPS, I just don't know if I can tolerate much more disappointment from UBI. (No GR2, RS4:Letdown, and now this)


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I agree whole hartedly. The game is infact BETA. Hell look at the options 360 has for MP what do we have? Nothing! and 1/4 the weapons taboot... Sad.

Sooo in short, better get to work GRIN. But I gues switching off to PS3 would suit you more.. Ya know $$$ and all.

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