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Reticule graphic bug

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Just had this happen, moving alone as normal then suddenly this appeared in the middle of my Reticule.


Makes aiming a bit of a biatch, mebbe I was doing too well ;)

It stays when zoomed in too.

Happens whenever I get anywhere near the Car Park and continues until the mission ends.

Wierd ;)

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Ok, getting beyond a joke now.

On the VIP2 Extract mission the above bug again appeared just after the huge explosion but thankfully cleared pretty quickly.

But now, on the bunker mission it's back right from the word go and so far hasn't gone which makes the mission practically impossible.

I know of one other person in our squad thats had it but anyone else displaying this bug?

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I had it happen too.

Just go into your GR:AW game options and uncheck everything, then turn them all back on and when you go back ingame it should be back to normal. Not had it happen since.

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I had it too. I have played upto mission 4 and it has happened 3 times so far. The car park in M2, the embassy defend in M3 and taking out bunker 1 in M4. God knows how many times more it will happen in the missions that are left. It makes it very difficult to aim. It does not appear only if you turn on the enemy markers ( red diamonds ). Maybe, lots of players have the enemy markers on and so, haven't seen this bug.

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got it too and i did not want to post it on the forum because some might flame grin again on this

i mailed them a screenshot

it happend to me in parking, ambassy and bunkers, most of the time it goes away but sometimes it stays till next save point

it is a nasty thing but i got on with it

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Thi happened to me in the parking lot as well, but went away after that mission and has not come back. I've flipped the target markers on and off a few times since, and I believe the only time I saw it was when they were off.

It is very annoying, but somewhat managable. My fear is that it is another hint of QA issues with more difficult styles of mission play (e.g. co-op or SP w/ markers off).

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I really do not think I should have to play this game with what I believe are nursemaid aids(enemy markers) just to get rid of what is obviously a bug.

Hopefully a fix will appear in the upcoming patch.

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Yes, this occurs when the enemy markers are off if that hasn't already been said. I absolutely refuse to play with enemy markers activated. Its very difficult for me to fire on targets at a distance, and it never seems to go away for me until I complete the mission, and this it pops up soon after beginning a new mission. This is so incredibly annoying.

This needs to be fixed soon. I for one, am not going to be playing much until it is.

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In single player in mission 2, 3 and 4. I DO NOT use target markers, but in those mission when I have crossed a certain point annoying diamond (the light blue one the friendlies have) appears into my screen right in the middle of the screen where the crosshair is. When I turn the target markes on it dissappears and will reappear if I turn the markers off again.

The places where this bug is triggered:

Second mission: After you blow up the fuel tank and start moving to rescue the president and are almost to the parking lot.

Third mission: The same bug comes when the embassy blows up.

Fourth mission: The bug is triggered when u go near the water in the start of the game.

I havent played further than mission 4.

Anyone else had these problems?

Too bad I dont have screen of them right now, I will try to take some.

Thanks in advance.

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