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already bored with the maps and mp game

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to the guys dissing the game without ever playing it, please shut the hell up :o= !

i'm getting tired of reading posts by guys who refuse to buy it, but want to sit here and make statements about wanting to see things changed on a game that they don't have.

you don't want to support the game? fine, it is your right, but you don't have the right to tell GRIN or UBISOFT on what to do with it, since you refuse to pay for it. i forked over my money and i'm satisfied with their work (having a good time with SP), but like others, i have my requests for future mods.

the difference is that i actually supported the game and the GRIN/UBI team. so, i can post on here some things that i would like to see because i actually bought their product. i don't care how much of a fan you were of GR1! that was then, this is now. you can either sit there and continue playing GR1, or you can fork over your money and get GRAW.

please make up your mind and stop posting about "i'm gonna wait a year or until the next patch is released". it does those of us with the game no good because you don't have the damn game to play against us on MP. then some of you want to talk crap about the Domination mode and it's lack of tactics. buy the damn game first and bring us your tactics!!!!!!

those of you who don't have GRAW, but want to flame it, are not part of the community (the GRAW community), so stop fakin' as if you are and stay with the old games! :angry:

dude.....you awake? This thread is about people who have it and are already bored by it. :blink:

read post above yours ;)

ya i know. it was already too late when i pressed the submit button. :unsure:

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