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Multiplay Server (or reason for lack of)

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I emailed 4u-servers to see if they would be hosting just to see a response on GFX cards etc but when you get a reply like this you think why is everyone moaning when no ones even equired about them !!!

So if you dont ask them about them we will never get any !! so start enquiring about them please.


Hi there,

Thanks for your e-mail, I'll do my best to answer your questions.

If there is enough demand for a product then it would be something we would

look to offer, currently yours is the only e-mail that has been received relating

to this.

Keep an eye out on our website for any news regarding new product launches, the only

alternative if we don't offer it as a virtual server would be to use one of our dedicated

servers to host the game.

I hope this helps.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions



www.4u-servers.co.uk | www.4u-networks.com | rob@4u-servers.co.uk | rob@4u-networks.com


www.4u-servers.co.uk - Professional gaming servers and services www.4u-networks.com - Colocation and Transit services

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This is where I do my buisness in regards to renting servers (U.S.) and they are VERY good peeps. They work with you and are very friendly and have good support.

This is what they have to say about GR:AW and this is what ALL of them will have to say about it:

FPSDedicated will be hosting this game when it arrives  providing they have dedicated server capabilities.

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You just won't get any mate, the cost to run them is just far too great for hosting companies to bother with.

I understand the issue with Dedicated this is why I said about the response I expected ref GFX cards etc but what I was getting at is if they get enough people enquiring they are more likely to push UBI for it and help get the dedi release :)

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For once I'm glad to live in a semi-3rd world country. Our MP play is limited to "local servers" due to lag issues with anythign vaguely international. Luckily, one of the admins at the premier game hosting company is a HUGE GR fan. Probably won't be more than 50 or 60 players in our "community" (unless some of the BF2 guys get into it) but we will have a decent server up.

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