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Help in finding a weapon mod


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lmao.... thats a lil vague isnt it?...there are many many mods out there w/silenced sniper rifles. first of all,

goto C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods

look in there for a folder with a mod name that might ring a bell.

2nd, start GR up and goto Options/Mods, there will be a list of all the mods u have in there.

i think that will help you, or are you talking about a mod that isnt installed on ur computer?.. like i said... u might want to add a lil more detail

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I think he means he deleted the mod and now can't remember what it was called so he can download again ?

FLAVA 1.4 has a good SD sniper rifle (the SL 9sd)

Sabre Teams 1.3 has some (plus great skins)

SOTO Plaster mod has some good sniper weapons + kits

One Shot One Kill also has some good sniper rifles.


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