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Some interesting history there Echelon, as I said old R6 heads are awlays welcome! :thumbsup:

As for weapon modelling, I would throw that up in another thread (this one is heading for the archives already!), you might even get Yodasplat to comment on that one. His weapon Mods were awseome, I have even seen Ravenmouth kicking about recently!

What I know about modding, you could write on a matchstick. I'm afraid my working life doesn't allow for the time to get into it! I have only played the demo with a few of the weapons, so far they look good, the scope detail is pretty sweet. I really have to wait for the full version and play this through. Night missions will probably show up some nice muzzle flash, etc.......... :ph34r:

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Just to add about the sounds try unchecking the eax box if you are using a headset or only two speakers. I had the same problem until I did this.

WOOOOT for r6, clancy should autograph my copies of rainbow6, RS, RS:UO, RS:CO, RvS, Lockdown, GR, GR:DS, GR:IT and now GRAW. Anyone remeber way back when on ebay that sold that signed copy of GR?

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Echelon, have you considered the possibility that tactical shooters are not for you?

In all honesty, if you didn't like GR1 which, at the time, was the pinnacle of tactical shooters, then I wonder what it is you're looking for? You do realize that the game came out in 2001, right?

The irony of being a tactical shooter fan and not liking GR1 is simply what else is there? Has anyone ever played a superior tactical shooter? If they have, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT IS AND I WILL GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW!!! :P I've tried just about everything that was remotely like a tactical shooter over the years and while some were a blast, they never came close to the intensity of GR.

So if you didn't like GR1 and you think playing GRAW is "painful", I doubt there's any tactical shooter game that anyone can recommend to you.

I won't rebutt your points - let's say I wholeheartedly disagree with you. But I think this long-standing community can hopefully handle some game criticism. I wouldn't say that of any of the other UBI game forums though. :o=

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