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TOP TEN Things to ADD

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3 - [ALL] I want the ability to cook and/or hold frags. You're going to throw one but then notice the enemy is moving but "oh ssshhh" too late the nade is gone...

absolutely, this is a must have for any game that uses nades, it was most perfectly done in Americas Army, the nades in that game were awesomely done.

and whats up with the bouncing smoke nades?

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I'm talking from a CO-OP perspective, but I'm sure that SP and adversarial players would like the following as well.

- One thing that I would like to see is an option to not pick up ammo automatically (just by passing over a tango's gun). I think ammo should only be picked up by using the action key ( "X" ). This would at least cause you to stop and use some time to gather ammo.

- I don't care about picking up tango weapons, but I would really like to pick up another Ghost's weapon. For example, if my AT guy goes down, I should be able to pick up his AT. Maybe I want to pick up the sniper rifle. As for all the additional animation that needs to be created, I'm guessing that there is little to none needed. All of the Ghosts have animations using all of the Ghosts' weapons. This also keeps things "realistic".

- Please make C4 and any other special mission required explosives an item that can be equiped from the weapons screen. The current C4 method feels too arcade.


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1. Quick save!!!

2. More gore features. (What happened about the statement, "The gore level will be on par with GR1." ?)

3. More optimization (The more, the better, always.)

4. More intelligent Ghost AI.

5. The "classic" weapons.

6. Removal of slo-mo effects on gravity. (Meaning that when you toss a frag, it doesn't fall down slowly, but instead, consists with normal gravity.)

7. Weapon hotkeys.

8. More customization.

9. Less mouse lag.

10. ROE settings.

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just add the things GR1 had thats how we want to play this!!!!!!!!!

Half life 2 was a success because they kept things like half life 1 . Got it? I didnt think so. :wacko:

Get your point but this is NOT GR1 !!!! it's another game based on GR1

I know you want all the good bits from GR1 but it may not happen and GRAW has it's own good bits GR1 never had....

I think GRIN has done a great job so far...



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just add the things GR1 had thats how we want to play this!!!!!!!!!

Half life 2 was a success because they kept things like half life 1 . Got it? I didnt think so. :wacko:

:thumbsup: agree to that

:yes: Would make it a much better game that would appeal more to die hard GR players. Can't see it happening. :wall:
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just add the things GR1 had thats how we want to play this!!!!!!!!!

Half life 2 was a success because they kept things like half life 1 . Got it? I didnt think so. :wacko:

:thumbsup: agree to that

:yes: Would make it a much better game that would appeal more to die hard GR players. Can't see it happening. :wall:

And it shouldn't happen. If I want to play GR1 I play GR1. If I want to play GRAW then I don't want to play GR1, get it?

People make GR1 sound like "the game from heaven", but its not. What I didn't like about GR1 was that you couldn't order your team to follow you. You had to give them orders constantly through the tac-map all the time. They couldn't take cover or even hit the dirt when getting fired at.

Don't get me wrong now, I do like GR1 but the few changes GRIN has done is quite good, especially the order-system. :)

EDIT: btw, peace out, and plz don't flame me :P

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1) I would like more weapons.. and instead of just saying that.. Lets go to the candy store..


Please note the fine assortment of .300 and .308 models. Whats the point of having a .50 cal

without incendiary rounds. I dont care if they can't shoot throught a wall..

I really just want the accuracy to shoot through a skull. And the use of mags from

3-10 rounds..

and whats the point of having a nice riffle without the scope to put on it..


And of course adding the M1 incendiary round for the .50 cal would be cool.

2) Formation buttons for the AI.. Like Close diamond.. One looking each direction as we walk.

Close Follow.. they are not more than 4 feet appart from one another..

Scattered.. let them move normal.

Ect. Something other than them ending up dead 3 screens away.. because they did not


3) The ability to choose your AI's weapon.. It would be healpfull so you have more than chance to shoot down the helo, tank, what ever.

4) when i tell the Ai to stand HERE.. I mean HERE not THERE..

5) When i'm using the AIMing Mode.. DONT WALK IN FRONT OF ME AND YELL IM ON YOUR SIDE!! I dont know how many times i've shot them in the ###### like that..

6) The complex Video Resolution changing.. i understand the need for EYE CANDY.. But can we turn it down for older systems.. i can't change the video card on my laptop.. I can do complex rendering with it, run Cad programs, but i can't run your game without using obscure drivers.. Something is wrong with that..

Everything else i am pretty happy with.. Have a good day.

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(nemon has made an excellent mod, it can be implemented as a keymapped function)


3)More Weapons (ak47, m4, Aug, 5-7, Desert Eagle)

4)Terrorist Hunt (always fun in RvS)

5)Option to turn down sepia

6)More modding tools

7)Customizable crosshairs

8)Different color crosshairs

9)Selectable Outfits/Textures for player models (maybe make a few official textures. Then, possibly implement a gui for user uploaded textures)

10)Plus anything you guys would like to add

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to appeal to a more wide range game styles, we need more sniperrifles, maybe psg1 and M24SWS

if GRIN release more maps make'm bigger and don't have spawns all on the same plane. like the 3 story building maybe have a spawn or two, nothin worse than spawning face to face with your adversary. maybe make spawns behind a building or two. and make it so the enemy can't run up on it and sit and spawn kill. like block them out.

the game still lags too much (online) and needs to be worked. I see a guy running top speed AT ME and the next second I'm dead...can't run-n-shoot. so he had to have stopped and got a clean drop on me before I register it on my screen.

some teams like to have sniper only games can you make restrictions for just sniperrifles?

BADS is a team i know of that does just sniper games.

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1. Distinctive MP teams. Rebels have rebel weapons, Ghost have US weapons

2. more maps, not just urban

3. Enable/Disable mission intro in coop

4. Guns, guns, guns - or at least an M16 and AK47/74

5. Remove the bloody CS-stye weapon shop!

6. Players shouln't be able to use ironsights while using NvG's. instead, give us those cool IR-light aiming devices.

7. EoTech on the SCAR :rolleyes:

8. All Seeing Eye compatibility

9. the ROE system from GR1

10. got nothing more, so I'll give you a small one:

Whenever I sort servers by amount of players, it always sorts in ascending order (0 at the top, more at the bottom). Since there are a LOT of empty servers, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to even find servers with players (and no, clicking on the sort by players button again won't do the trick)

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Besides the usual addition of maps, game modes, and weapons, I'd like to see only 2 things:

1. Better browser for multiplayer games (filters and the like).

2. More server side options (kit restrictions, coop options, etc).

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also, the MP spawnponts need to be fixed. it's not uncommon to either spawn in front of, or behind an enemy. GRIN took the easy way out of this, and just added the OPTION to add spawn-invulnerability.

Instead, it should be coded that you can't spawn if you're within xx range and in the iimmediate field of view of an opponent. shouldn't be too hard to code

At least not that range thing

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1. Picking up weapons (i do not care about the animation, just make it appear in my hand, or as if I pulled it out/switched)

2. Kit restrictionsand /or custom prices (then all admins please set the nades to 99999999 tac points :) )

3. accessible stats in real time and or external scripting (e.g. to make people switch teams in TeamSpeak )

Most importantly : please fix that widescreen bug (keeps jumping) back to 4:3 and let customer support know about it

I am happy with the 1.21 patch (except widescreen bug), and had a blast playing yesterday, those HH maps need 1. nades off, max 2 spawns !!! 8 min limit IMO

ps: this is my first post so : Hi everyone here, I played GR GR2 RS6, play GRAW SWAT4 BF2(sometimes) nowadays, I hate fragfests, prefer 2-3 respawns max in any game with shorter turns ... cheers :)

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In no particular order, unfortunately:

1.) Grid overlays on MP maps (If they go to SP too, I'll not complain)

2.) The rest of the modding tools (saw mention of Skull Valley map earlier and about wet my pants in joy)

3.) Quick chat commands/keybinds (a la [GR], to beat that dead, bloated, and rotting horse)

4.) COOP respawns/CDR death fix

5.) <NEW> highlight feature with UAV/Drone to highlight red diamonds on-screen for which enemy the drone's picture is currently focused on (brighter or thicker diamond, or symbol under it? something...)

6.) KIT RESTRICTIONS in adversarial MP (do away with noobtubes for those tiny HH maps)

7.) <NEW> the RAbbi filter- to block me out of chat in-game so I never again distract a fellow forum member from his gameplay, causing him to get shot while replying to me

8.) Kick/Ban for ALL servers

9.) AI improvements (just get them to realize that a rifle is NOT going to pierce a panhard or tank, and hence stop wasting ammo on them and just get out of the line of fire)

10.) REPLAY option at the server (client for SP of course)

I'm sure there's more, but I drank last night for the first time in months and don't really feel like typing or even breathing right now. Thanks...

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After some gaming I would like to have a slight difference in speed of the movement, depending on how much load you carry.

Further I have not seen much difference in reticule depending on loadout, perhaps a slight increase could be done.

Less GL nades in basic outfit and in the additional ammo.

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Maybe if you've got a red square, you're not as agile, as it doesn't seem to make a difference whether it's green or red, you move the same (I mean being wounded).

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