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TOP TEN Things to ADD

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1. Mod tools

2. Fix bugs and minor issues (e.g. add "click" trigger sound when out of ammo, crosshair expanding more than actual accuracy)

3. Increase performance issues (bad FPS, etc.)

4. TvT MP gametypes (LMS, Siege, etc.)

5. More MP maps

6. Improve movement and stance options/controls, e.g. "Toggle peek" ON/OFF, etc. (see this post)

7. "Classic" weapons (M4A1 SOPMOD, M16A4, SR25 SPR, M14, etc.)

8. Add ACOG 4X scope, more freedom of customization (e.g. M68 Aimpoint on MK48 LMG, making the front grip optional, etc.)

9. Increased field of view (FOV) (preferably 90°)

10. More graphics and gameplay options (HUD position/toggle, crosshair color/toggle/type, etc.)

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Im not gonna repeat (knowingly) others well selected points (mod tools, ROE, close formation, forest/mountain maps, server options...etc)

1) Make the friendly AI's never ever face a wall!

Minor wishes:

2) Make them sometimes watch the higher part of the buildings, as you could also add enemies in windows, balconies, etc :)

3) Design other uniforms, these look like Spaceinvaders (specially the helmet). Or give us the option to choice light, heavy, dark, urban wear.

4) if the engine allows it, maybe bring back the jumping into other AIs body when you. But i suppose you want us the be really good 'commanders' :)

Thanks for reading, even if it can't be done! Focus on the longterm suggestions.

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One more thing. Its about granades. I should have abillity to chose force of my throw ( by mouse wheel ), and abillity to throw them when i want by pressing mouse 0 button, holding it and releasing.

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1) mod tools/SDK, this ensures replayability or longevity of franchise

2) soul jumping like GR1. if AI teammates are in trouble, you should be able to take over or if he is covering a wrong sector,

just in case of a software bug, stuck on wall/collision

3) tactics/movement in KB vs mouse control, for faster or familiar control

4) larger numbers of MP players----6 to 15 players.

5) ability to chose load out/uniforms/helmets/camouflage variation, choose ethnicity, gender, expertise---

don't want the game to chose my team. Selections similar to GR1, but with a catch of having the right

combinations of teammates. Team leader learns his teammates and not just randomly picking. This way

all characters have a fair time in the field.

6) ability to take controls of functioning vehicles, do HELO insertions via rapid rapel or SPIE rigging----its a stretch or be able to go into buildings and be able to position

a sniper or gunner at an ideal locations.

7) AT-4 or actual anti-tank weapons/claymores.

8) X-fire compatible to readily see where online teammates are playing.

9) MP campaigns available (for ppl who have poor internet connetion) to play in SP

10) Dynamic environment, be able to roll from morning to nighttime---adjustable by modders. Examples:

Modders will have this options:

- insertion time on dusk for recon mission, then objective must be completed before dawn.

- missions can only be completed in night time ops, players must have patience to wait for nighttime to complete

mission---whats the point: while waiting he must avoid detection at all times. Enemy AI will be randomly be

patrolling areas that might be ideal spots for insertion or extractions, like Sixpense Navy Seal missions.

- On desert missions: insertion at night, and be able to launch an assault using the rising blinding sun for coverage.


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1. Get rid of dependency on the mouswheel. Ive been killed countless times already trying to change weapons... Give me hotkeys or give me death

2. More weapons.

3. More options for running a server. no where to make infinite respawns or stuff like that.

4. more modes for MP

5. More maps. ESPECIALLY rural maps

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1. GFX Optimizations first and foremost(PLZ consider taking the time to add another less resource hogging lighting path this one is WAY to taxing on even the highest spec machines)It looks great but this is not the game to be showcasing/testing new lighting techniques.Tho I can do HDR I would rather have Bloom as its easy to use across many GFX solutions, your current one is not.I like eye-candy as much as the next guy but FPS's need performance(FPS, the other one) this so far isnt giving it .

2.Tidy up the movements: Alot of the time you end up pressing things twice to change stance/run as they don't do it the first time. I shouldnt have to wait to change from when I stopped running to go to crouch to avoid the slide(yes I DO have to time the slide thats fine)

Also goes for the reloading thing. I cant go from standing to crouch while Im reloading? fine getting up from prone or going prone I understand but I should be able to go from crouching or standing while changing magazines

3.i: Tidy up team AI:You had stated I could trust them, I cant really. They are always behind me and when they arent they are in my line of fire.Even using the Tac Map to plan out there movements still is only a 50/50 they will take the path/cover point I chose.

3.ii: TAC Map/Commands: It is very hard to use being fully moused control and is only suitable to use when nothing is happening.Trying to set way points, coverpoints and view cones is very hard to do with this "all mouse" interface, seperate keys or pull points for the map would be much easier to use. The point and click orders are just as awkward to use as they again dont go where I point them half the time either, I understand they appear to be a bit more self aware in their movements but if so they need their IQs boosted up some then. When I say move behind that car pointing clearly at the ground behind it and they end up standing on the other side. or even in some cases laying down a pretty clear and straightforward path across a road has them taking the grand tour around the block to get there

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1. If practical, please change the fact that the mission fails if the host dies in co-op. At the very least, allow the remaining players to get to an evac zone, not just fail the mission straight away.

2. Allow the player to get over obstacles such as low walls. Not a 'jump', but either a climbing function like in the Rainbow Six series, or even better - a clamber/vault action as seen in games such as CoD2 when you reach an obstacle.

3. Ability to trade ammunition with your team mates.

4. Some classic weapons such as the M16/M4 family. The modders will surely take care of this though, so not that big a deal from a Dev standpoint.

5. Prone leaning.

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1. mod tools of course. This game will live or die depending on the tools.

2. cookable grenades.

3. mod tools.

4. melee attacks. Buttstroke and bayonet.

5. mod tools.

6. full flexability in making maps (urban/desert/jungle/woodland/snow).

7. mod tools.

8. Guns. We should be able to make a gun from a springfield musket to a vulcan gatling.

9. did I say mod tools?

10. full control over campaign mode. We should be able to chart a campaign tree depending on wins/loses/ties, and plot missions based on those outcomes.

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1. A "fall back" / "take cover" - order so that the AI immidiately cancels any given order and takes cover

2. the editor and an SDK with 3DSM plug-ins, photoshop plug-ins for skins etc.

3. the ability to issue orders to the AI so they're going prone, start to crouch or stand up

4. optional verbal commands and confirmation messages for / from Mitchell (adds a lot of realism)

5. toggle behaviour like in GR1 (assault, recon, fire at will, seize fire)

6. (it's not a must be, but it would be nice) armpatches (with alpha layer support)

7. more weapons (for example the ones which are part of the future warrior program + the camera rifle used in the XBox360 version, as well as maybe the FN F57 or FN F2000)

8. optional wireframe / realtime 3D look inside the cross-com (a few players seem not to like the wireframe view because they are high end PC users - I like it though! :grin3:)

9. (since so many people complain about it:) Standalone server files that don't require a video card on a root server

10. demo replay function for the single player / coop but as well for the multiplayer (that way you're able to max your skills)

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1)Bug Fixes, tired of crashing/bsoding in MP games (havn't touched SP).

2)Blood / gibs, time to use the engine right.

3)More "advanced" video options.

4)Less advertisements, please.

5)Smarter AI - If im sending my team mate -BEHIND- the vehicle, why is he walking in FRONT of the vehicle to snipe/shoot/whatever? Is the vehicle THAT expensive?

6)Smarter AI - What about AI not running across a team of 4 Ghosts to move from point A to B and instantly die?

7)Mod Tools - Like it hasn't been stressed enough.

8)More weapons.

9)If ghost leader dies, lets the rest of the team continue, forces the Leader to be a pansy walking behind everyone.

10)Some form of obstacle climbing, your a ghost, not a crippled.

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1.Spectaor mode for no respawn games

2.Auto kick afk players

3.better prone

4.cook nades

5.no friendly daimonds, name are good

6.on dom maps make so you can see supply lines on screen, not only map

7.more mp options like map dom maps smaller for less players

8.dead bodies should be removed after you spawn cant be good for memory useage.

9.Foot steps sounds are way to loud when walking and crouched i think there backwards cuz when u run its quiet same with moveing with fast crouched

10.Night maps?Why have night vison if no night maps?

11.TDM and LMS with spec mode and alot options for server

12.Mpas lots of maps big and small

13.better server browser with more info on servers

14.Players should not be able to push me when next to me

15.kick player options or ban switch player ect...

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I'd just like to see some of the things added back in that made the original GR such fun. I love the game, but I can already tell that without some of these things, I'll end up playing through the SP campaign, doing some coop, but within a couple of months, the game will end up coming off of my hard drive (I'm just not a fan of MP games with "domination" or CTF only type modes). Something that didn't happen with the original until years after Island Thunder came out. I'm not looking for you folks at GRIN to reinvent the wheel here, just to put some of the things from the original back into the new one. That would be a game that would keep me playing and buying expansions.

1. LMS mode

2. Coop mode that doesn't end if the Captain dies, and support for more than 1 four man team.

3. Dedicated Server

4. Direct IP support

5. Mod Tools

6. More MP (especially non-urban) maps

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A couple of things I see that are immediate fixes beyond moding tools and performance issues, some of which if not all have been mentioned.

Direct IP support.

ASE support. Lamespy .. er gamespy as the ONLY option is going to turn folks off.

Some server options. We all know new gametypes are comming, but the ability to control respawns. Control the time it takes to respwan, or the number of respawns ala [GR], or to simply turn them off. Many games that have objective based gameplay still have no respawns, the first that comes to mind is AA. You may like the game or not like it, but without a doubt objective based gameplay without respawns works. Kit restrictions ect...... These would seemingly be simple and quick fixes ( I know NOTHING about programing so I may be totaly wrong )

I've only played MP and so far the game doesn't have that classic gr feel.

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just do what i do , only listen to teh black guy , cuz the rest are bill gates clone / robot hyrbrids .

Brown is always the first guy in my team, and usually only guy, to get killed on a mission.

Yes Brown does seem to be the Gung-Ho Rambo of the bunch(why I take away his MK48 and give him a SCAR-H so he isn't constantly hosing the map down) and Allen is a pretty good Sniper when he isnt standing out in the open getting shot at.

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1. Ability to start server from the command line instead of going through menus

2. Remove dependancy on high end video card for server

3. Allow adding of server ip into favourites.

4. Allow map restarts/player kicks to be done via some sort of remote control.

5. Seperate release of dedicated server.

Item 1 is a 5 minute job imho, so even if the dedicated server is months away, there is no reason that can't be implemented in any imminent patch.

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1. Added options for video settings inc selectable high textures for lower end cards.

2. Option to change colour of aiming cursor.

3. ability to change triangles for somthink els.

4. asignable keys for weaponds.

5. Single player quick save as addition to save points.

6. maybe some animals, dogs,cats and birds in the sky when the(ENGINE) is fixed.

7. make a bit more noise when getting shot ouch doesnt quite do it.

8. dont notice at men looking injured like in GR1. should show body parts getting effected.

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