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TOP TEN Things to ADD

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Here is my go at what they should fix/implent or addon stuff:

1. Quicksaves!! Why not just use this from the start? Just implement a spesific number of quicksaves on every difficulty level. I hate not being able to save when I want to myself. And the autosaves are to far apart som places. You just get ###### off!

2. Anti Alising

3. More MP Maps and some SP tasks in non-urban enviroment

4. Full camera on teammates

5. The AI on the machinegunnests has eagle eyes, sees you no matter what (or I just suck in shooting them badboys...hehe)

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I don't think I have 10 things to tell you truth Colin.

First off let me say .. I don't mind the prone thing, my buddy is part of the Kingston Police Swat team and he is a sniper. He said it is very realsitic. He also said, althought you can shoot with the rifle tilted it's not an everyday shooting position. So I can live with that. I can also live with the so called jaggies.. AA will not make or break this game.. game play will.

With that said...

1) More tango's on map (HX5 option)

2) More MP Maps - or smaller maps (just break up the exisitng maps in to smaller ones for 2 v 2 or 4 v4 matches)

3) More MP game types

4) More weapons (or mod tools .. all the same to me)

5) Click sound when out of ammo would be nice



Irish Stout

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Here is my go at what they should fix/implent or addon stuff:

2. Anti Alising - No GO : http://www.beyond3d.com/articles/deflight/

4. Full camera on teammates - Press "g" choos player :P

2. Anti Alising - No GO : http://www.beyond3d.com/articles/deflight/

4. Full camera on teammates - Press "g" choos player :P

I know about "g", but I want full camera in the crosscom...

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Ah, so that would be called the frameratedropper-COMM? lol.

Some of these have been mentioned, I'm restating them because I think they are important.

1. ROE

2. Moddig tools (obviously)

3. A patch that let's you use page up/down instead of a scroll wheel.

4. Improvements to the engine to maximise performance on slower computers.

5. (I don't know if this is in game or not) Some missions where the ghosts need to go inside and take a building.

6. Rolling while prone. (AA had this, it was a nice feature)

7. A P90?

8. Free donuts!

9. I'd love it if they could make you finish the first mission or something before you can go online.

10. An easier way to shut off the stupid car alarms!

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Ok, I havent played the full game yet (wont get it till tomorrow) but from the sounds of it, the guns that were in the demo were the only guns in the game. We do need more guns. I dont think the AK will be gone in 7 years from now, nor will the M4/M16. The G36 series guns will be avalable for us as well too. We need those guns (M4, M16, M14SR, Msg-90 SR, G36C, E, and MG36, AK and that should be enough) all with the add ons that could be with them. That would give us a better range or weapons and make the game more fun IMO. Also in the full game can you chose how many team mates you have in SP? That was one thing I loved about GR1 The ability to chose the number of squad members you had on your team. The most I have ever had was 3 and it was good, cause you could body jump and position them youself instead of using waypoints which gets annoying. So 2 things from that should be added. The ability to chose how many people in your squad (I personally loved going through the SP by myself) and the ability to move the players from actually being them. If those few things were added it would be fun IMO.

*as you can see Im more of a SP person, and only play MP every now and then so I dont complain to much about MP*

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only thing i can think of that is the hand grenades in sp and coop , maybe adversarial too , but when you pull out a nade , you have to stop , then click and hold the mouse to begin the pin-pull and throw action ...

too many times i have pulled out a nade while walking and then clicked to begin the pull , and since the status of the throw distance is subtle i assumed it was building , then i get torn up by a SAW or something because the pin never came out .

this could be addressed numerous ways , i find the easiest to be an automatic pin-pull key binding ... for example , hold the use key or fire button while equipping hand grenades to enable the pin to be pulled and the distance meter to begin building , even while walking .

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In no particular order...

1. AI tweaks; finding cover better in combat, not walking around corners, not stepping into your lof. Snipers and MGs should fire from a prone position when possible.

2. More control over AI behaviour, i.e. roe, posture.

3. You should be able to center the view on a selected team member in the tactical map to allow better control when the team is split up. Or, make the view freely moveable.

4. More weapons

5. More add-ons for the weapons, scopes etc.

6. Scope drift, esp after running, and ability to deploy bipods on the M99

7. Quick keys for weapons

8. Usable mounted weapons

9. Smoke grenades in SP

10. MP; more maps, modes.

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1. Mod tools

2. Mod tools

3. Mod tools

4. Mod tools

5. Mod tools

6. Mod tools

7. Mod tools

8. Mod tools

9. Mod tools

10. when we have mod tools an active community to give input to modders


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Ok, I havent played the full game yet (wont get it till tomorrow) but from the sounds of ...

*as you can see Im more of a SP person, and only play MP every now and then so I dont complain to much about MP*

Scar is going to replace M4 :P um.. im genius! :santa:

Ah.. Thats true, but then the other guns should come into the game. :P

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1. Add M8 sharpshooter varient, and the M8 automatic rifle (with bi-pod & drum mag) varient.

2. A scrolling dialog window on the command map for each tem member. Somtime one of the guys will say "Enemy Spotted" or "Rebels" and I cant figure out who said it. I know their name blinks in the cross comm list when they say it but I find that I need a history of who said what. There is room on the left side of the command map for this, right under the name list.

3. Full render color video cross comm toggle, switch between wireframe and video. the full screen version should also be in color not black and white.

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I thought that the weapons we have right now were going to have more options to adjust. I would have liked to pick any scope I want for the weapon.

Basically I think the weapon selection screen as it is now is kinda clumsy.

It just a bunch of icons.

I would like the weapons seperated into weapon type. And I would like little click boxes to choose which attachments or whatever scope or sight I want on it. They are wasting space making a full gun icon for each and every option they have for them.

And where is the scroll button?

I really thought they were going to copy the GR1 gun and skin selection screen and upgrade it.

There isn't much room for improvement as it is now unless they make some drastic changes.

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How about having the ability to add a scope or sight to any primary weapon we want? I don't want to have to mod an elcan sight onto a lmg just so I can get it. Any primary weapon whatsoever should have the option to add a sight. You pick a primary and then you have a section of the screen devoted to sights/scopes. Then you click the checkbox you want.

They coulda done a much better job.

Its adequate as it is now but......no really....they coulda done better. They have the option of improving it though if they really wanted to.

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Full Game Only.

Please dont include the tools for Dedicated servers.

In order most Important First.

1: Dedicated Server Files and Tools

2: PunkBuster, cheats are already out before most people even have the game.

3: Option to save replays and/or demo's

4: Mod Tools...the classic coke thing didn't work, but mods can fix this.

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GR:AW Feedback

Top Ten + 5 things to add/fix/address/adjust

With the exception of some of the “new†GR.net forum posters, we have had your back since you started posting here. Now all we ask is that you cover our backs in return. You know we all support you guys in all of this. We want GR:AW to be something truly special and lasting as much as all of you at GRIN do. Please really read and listen to our posts. Ignore all of the immature forum bullies, who think its ok to be rude and flame you GRINs, just because this is not face to face.

1) Add a true robust CO-OP Mode, a "real" CO-OP mode with 16+ players (4 squads or more (each consisting of 4 Ghosts).

2) The Chat Box should not be in any CO-OP or adversarial mode. At least make the Chat Box optional. You know as well as we do that no one uses Chat Boxes, we all use VOIP applications.

3) CO-OP should not be subjected to the game ending when the Captain dies. This is a nice storyline touch for SP, but not for CO-OP. At least allow custom created CO-OP missions to have the option of not doing this.

4) Fix the “Get back into the Battle†then sudden death thing. No one is trying to go AWOL. This may be ok for SP, but not CO-OP.

5) CO-OP and any other MP mode should never be LAN only.

6) Add a modding tool with all of the required plugins (Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, etc.). Plus add CO-OP and Adversarial mode editing ability.

7) Release all required dedicated server files needed for the CO-OP and other MP modes.

8) Fix the Prone shooting position problem. I know the gun is a real object on the ground, but you should be able to aim down a sloped surface.

9) Adjust the "realism" of taking damage. The Ghosts take too many hits before dying (feels too arcade like). 1 to 2 shots is all it should ever take for any Ghost or Tango. Ghosts don't react differently when they’re all the way in the "red" (tangos don’t either). They can still run around, shoot and slide with no problems. This is why the limp was such a good thing.

10) The Stamina does not seem to affect the Ghosts at all. You can sprint for 3 blocks (in full redline weight limit) and still shoot with out any problem (noticeable problems). Being wounded and stamina also do not have any real connection to each other.

11) Make the green diamonds optional like the red diamonds are.

12) Add more sniper weapons and make the bi-pods functional (with advantages while prone).

13) Add more scopes for the assault, sniper and support guns.

14) Add more Ghost Recon 1 ROE functions for the SP mode. These Ghosts are anything but Recon. They shoot on site even when absolute stealth and observation is required by me, the Captain.

15) Make the Tactical Map generated orders executable from outside of the Tactical Map screen. Maybe use the same function keys "F5" and "F6".

I've said this before and I'll say it again, I have faith in you GRINs. :grin1:


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A lot of this feed back is great please keep it going.

Also try not to think here and now too much, but over the next six months aswell,

for instance the most immediate things to do say in the next 2 months.

And then 3 to 6 months ahead.


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