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TOP TEN Things to ADD

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1) Not urban maps (i love mp maps in game yet).

2) Add 2\3 weapons, not more.

3) Introduce innovative MP modalities (but without respwans!).

4) Bug fixes: i noticed much glitches (buildings, objects, trees).

5) A mod tool, obvliously.

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* normal admining tool for servers.

* smaller maps to go along with LMS.

* option to remove the "toggle" off peeking.

* mod tools.

* Zones show up on HUD (on the screen) in domination, I hate having to look at my minimap the whole time to know which zone I'm heading to.

* more weapons.

* increase the limit of mouse sensitvity as its still too low when i take 3d acceleration completely off.

* server info showing in brower, whos in the server, maps in rotation.

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1) Bug Fixes ( yesterday night i hit an enemy truck with a grenade and it started "flying" in the air before landing )

2) Modding tools

3) Option to skip pre-mission ingame movie

4) More Maps ( or at least a Map Editor )

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10. Mod Tools

09. More Extensive Mod Tools

08. Better Mod Tools

07. Complete Mod Tools

06. Lots Of Mod Tools

05. Great Mod Tools

04. Standard Setting Mod Tools

03. Mod Tools That Equal Or Surpass The Game

02. The Best Mod Tools

Unquestionably the Number 1 "Thing to ADD" or offer in a "GRAW Mini Expansion" for the game to warrant the honor of wearing the moniker 'Ghost Recon', that also offers the means to every wish of every Fan in this very thread and in fact on these fourms in entire would have to be:

01. Complete and Capable Mod Support & Tools


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1. Please fix MAJOR BUGS !! ( prone aiming, smoke nades etc)

2. Add GR1 MP types of game - Siege, HH.

3. We need new MP maps !! 5 is not enough , and please add some non urban maps !!

4. Allow us to move tactical map aroud all map , not only our surroundings.

5. Some new weapons please, it would be nice to have more that 1 weapon to chose if You want to be a sniper or support soldier.

6. Ad ROE.

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Sorry Colin, Not in order and a few more than 10. :ph34r:

1. More MP Gametypes (Siege,LMS,SAR,HH)

2. More Server Info- when joining a game it would be nice to see the options the server is running on. How many respawns, how much time is left, what mods are running etc..

3. More Game Options- Add more detailed graphics and sound options, give us the ability to customize the game abit more. Change colors and opacity of hud and crosshair.

4. Peaking Toggle- Add an option where we can use a toggle for peaking, like what was used in the [GR]. Hold the peakbutton to peak and when you let go of the button you automatically become standing upright again.

5. Quick Comments to a key bind- The ability to assign chat text to the numpad keys. So we dont have to manually type everything in game.

6. Binoculars- Give us some binos.

7. Clicking sound- Add a clicking sound when out of ammo.

8. ScoreBoard- Add the ability to assign a key to view the scoreboard in MP instead of only getting to see it when you die.

9. Chatbox- Option to disable the chatbox, or give us the option to decide between a chatbox or standard chat format.

10. A built in screenshot feature.

11. Kit Restriction feature- Add option to let users restrict what types of guns,grenades etc are allowed on the server.

12. More Weapons- Give us some oldschool weapons. M4,M16's, also give us the ability to use the Mexican weapons for MP.

13. More Maps- Import over some maps from GR,DS,IT

14. Mod Tools- Sandbox editor, Mission Scripting, Sound Editing tools.

15. More Coop Gametypes- Firefight,Defend,Recon.

16. A respawn timer for the Domination mode.- Domination wouldnt work well with 0 respawns. But It would be nice to at least be able to set a timer (hosts choice) for how long a player as to wait to respawn.

17. Access to engine Console- lock options that would be considered cheats for the MP and leave them unlocked for SP.

18. More detailed afteraction statistics- Show the hit %, the amount of TK's, the amount of Suicides, the amount of time spent in each Zone. Any and every statistic that you can record and display.

19. A Mod section in the game browser- So we can enable and disable certain mods\expansion packs when the time comes.

20. More options for gameplay.- Deadbody(on\off) Amount of Bullets (scalable) MaxpacketSize (scalable) MaxRate (scalable) Skip intro scenes (on\off) Position of the crosscom (topleft\topright) Hud (on\off)

21. Spectator Mode- Plus a server option to decide wether we can view team players only or everyone. So in matches we can make sure that spectators arent giving away positions over TeamSpeak.

22. Shuffle- A quiet walk, thats slower but doesnt make as much noise as normal walking. Ive noticed that alot of people in MP just camp high traffic areas and wait to hear footsteps. Being able to walk slowly and sneak up on them would be a great balance for that.

23. Option to turn down the announcers voice in Multiplayer. The voice is loud and sometimes annoying. Id like the option to turn it down as low or high as I wanted. Maybe a seperate volume control for all voices?

24. Vsync- On\Off

25. Death Cam- Id like to have a death cam that was similiar to the Call of Duty series.


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1. sdk

2. anti cheat

3. demos/replays

4. peeking toggle/peeking while walking

5. more smaller maps

6. more weapons

7. more multiplayer modes

8. death cam (isnt on domination after you hit max deaths)

9. map overview with drawing pool

10. better server browser (cant see who is in the server)

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map/mission editor

a recon button in command interface/tac map

where you can order your men to use silenced weapons only and only fire when fired upon

non urban maps

(or something like village from [GR])

some non 9mm pistols

(fn 57, usp, desert eagle)

maybe some more smg's

like mp7 and p90, tmp

different scopes or interchangable

reddot, eotech choise on what ever weapon

add a scope, acog or miniscope 6x32

peek in prone

an extra sniper rifle

less heavy - not .50cal

a female personality (or skin)

the use of stationairy weapons with limited ammo

(might have missed something or called for something all ready in the retail game,

comes today !!!!!!!!!!)

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* FOV 90 degrees!!! PLZZZ

* In GR1 enemies need only one bullet to die, here its more like CS, 2 series in a chest or one in a head, plz make it more hardcore ;)

* Prone shooting

* AA is a must!

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I am very happy with the game as it stands right now, however there is a few things on my wish list:

1. Modding tools

2. Binoculars

3. Please let us have the option to turn of the diamonds of friendlies as well!!

4. M4 and MG42 (to keep the weapons within the spirit of GR)

5. Smoke nades in SP

6. More control over the grenades, let us cook them, let us hold them as long as we want (remove auto-throw)

7. Clicking sound- add a clicking sound when out of ammo

8. The prone adjustment

9. Non urban maps

10. Wound decals

Thats my list, in that priority. Keep it up grin! : )

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1. A way to host dedicated server sitting at a database, without having to have the disc in the drive and a vid card in the dedi required to play the game.

2. More multiplayer modes. (All weapons inclusive without having to buy.)

3. More weapons.

3a. Use of special characters for your game name so people can put on proper clan tags, I can't use *=ATU=*

4. Mod tools for our modders out there.

5. More maps. (preferably non urban and variations in size)

6. Aiming down while prone.

7. More detailed server browser.

8. Binochulars.

9. Anti Cheat?? or is GRINS A C already implemented in the game? If not move this to # 1

10. Make the chat box disappear or less intrusive to the screen.

All I can think of right now, other than these things this game is great IMO!!

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IMHO these are necessary additions:

1. Modding tools

2. Additional MP modes/options

3. Additional MP maps

4. Anti-cheat

The game is what it is; there's probably no point in suggesting fundamental changes to the gameplay, but I think the items listed are going to be critical in keeping GRAW going and keeping GRAW MP play enjoyable, and I think it's possible that they could be incorporated into the game in an update. Granted, 1 might alleviate the need for 2,3, and maybe even 4. Finally, although I don't see these as critical:

5. More guns

6. As mentioned in an earlier post, recon mode

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Sorry Colin - just couldn't narrow it down to 10 :blush:


Every graphics/performance setting in the XML files (and maybe even more) should be settable from the game itself

Field of View (FOV) should be settable from the game or from a XML file

VSYNC (on/off) should be settable from the game or from a XML file

Post Effects should be settable (high/medium/low/off) from the game

Dead bodies dissapear (on/off) should be settable from the game

### GAMEPLAY ###

More CO-OP game modes (Terrorist Hunt seems obvious)

The HUD should be customisable somewhat like Ravenshield; 1 person weapon on/off, chat window on/off

The crosshair should be customisable with regards to both size/shape and color

Threat indication (in the compass) should be settable (on/off) from the game

The weapons should be key mappable

You should be able to set ROE for your friendly AI (recon/fire at will)

You should be able to switch between friendly AI tight formation and relaxed formation. Current state is relaxed formation (AI sometimes get 50 meters behind)

The HUD elements should have user settable transparancy

We should have a 'VERY HARD' difficulty setting. If 'HARD' seems manageable today, think of ½ year from now when everybody know the maps and the game dynamics. Then only the freshness/unpredictablility of the AI can prevent the game from being outdated.

More unpredictability in the enemy AI


You should be able to aim lower than currently possible when proned

Mod tools

More blood?

The richocetting sounds should be lowered slightly in volume. Maybe more randomisation/filtering could be applied to the sounds

But overall I feel this is a great game that will become even greater as it matures with add-ons/patches and mods.

;) Mike

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1.fix prone

2.domination need specator mode when server has no respawn

3.Lower foot step sound there to loud or make it so when crouched its silent.

4.More server info

5.nade launcher at close range should blow up

6.more maps and mp types

7.add out door maps with trees and hills

8.decicated servers for coop

9.more option for decicated servers

10.mod tools

11.move chat box to bottom left or make it more see through

12.more guns would be nice

13. 2 more sniper rifles

14.night maps

15.coop needs to be more random or map terro hunt.

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