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I entered a web template contest on some Slovenian site and made something for start. Theme is freestyle so no speciall rules for it.

So far i made only left side where shoutbox area is.

Lemme know what You think. :)


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coolio, very nice.

what is the prize you are going to win? ;):D

the problem i have with a nice custom metalic design is getting everything the exact same colour / tone / contrast :*(

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Thx for nice comments guys! :)

@Panic: prize is wireless keyboard with wireless mouse. Would be nice to win it hehe :D

I too think that metal is very tricky to make. I learned that a key to good metal is good shading and that comes with practice.

@ghost627: Photoshop

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Thought so . It looks very difficult. Any tips

Some specific part?

How do you get the frame / metal bar part. And the object on the very top

Metal: medium grey + little noise + emboss + sharpen. Than it's brushing with burn&dodge tool. In the end adjustment of brightness and/or contrast.

Metal hose: linear gradient + little noise + overlayed white lines (lines have "drop shadow" on) + burn&dodge tool

Frames: color frames with inner glow + stroke. Nothing special.

Spider-like object on top: color orb with decoration on top. Base is smooth metal (a lot of layer effects). Legs or something - custom shape with layer effects (mostly bevel and glows) with dents overlayed.

Thats basicly it. I wont go into details cuz there are so many different styles used in that image that it would take a week to explain it all :wacko:

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Nice so far!  Are you required to put it into a working .html/.php file?  Do you plan to use tables or CSS for positioning?

Thx m8! No html/php is required. Only 1024x768 template and a link to a non-flatten *.psd file so they can check if it's done or ripped from somewhere.

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