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There's no reason at all to not be able to connect directly. Every game released in the last 5 years gave you the ability to do that.

And being able to directly connect OBVIOUSLY worked well, so why did they ditch it?

It has become an "industry standard" (if you will) to be able to directly connect, so it

should at least be an option.

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Yes it is still using Gamespy and no you cannot connect directly.

You can add a server into your favorites by IP so you do not have to refresh the server browser to see it. However you still have to connect through GS if you want to play.

The only other way is to use a VPN to appear that you are on a LAN.

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i was wondering if there are any plans to add direct connect support as i can not connect through Gamespy because of my universities fire walls and such. I really like playing this game but i cant play online because of this and you can only play the single player so many times.

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