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It's official! My GRAW copy has

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Reb, we know you have a warez copy and you have made no mention of buying a legal version. If you plan to buy a legal version, you would be able to answer your own question and then possibly be able to prove me wrong.... which seems to be your intent by asking the same question over and over again. Doesn't matter if I was wrong, you still have an ILLEGAL version and it isn't allowed here.

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Had a talk with my coworker about this (and we're in an IT hardware/software/service company so we see a similar release process).

RC could very well be release candidate, which doesn't mean you're getting a non-final build of the product. After all, ALL release candidates are final builds, the Retail Copy (also RC, btw) you get happens to be the final build that passes testing and management approval.

That being said, it may be "release candidate", and after it passed they may have burned that candidate straight to CD and sent it off to duplication without having rebuilt it again, just to change the version number. It makes sense in a way if they're nervous about introducing random/unknown error in the rebuild, not to mention satisfying the hordes of fans already crying "where is it" "we deserve it now" "show us the money" etc. etc. :P

Ah that makes sense after all. Still not seeing lots of "rc" in final builds though (I've never seen it in games yet). As you said, it could very well be retail copy, or retail client... or r0x0rz caramba!!! :gun:

Thanks for lighting me up m8 :thumbsup:


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Picked it up at dynabyte (Netherlands) this afternoon. Installing at the moment.

Excellent :) I'm going to inform tomorrow if MediaMarkt has it yet. There usally alot cheaper than other stores (with pc games ;) )

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To UK Cobra , theyre going to ship it around the world first , so that the likelihood of a delivery guy stealing your cd key and installing it on his pc first increases ... im betting it gets shipped to Compton next , cuz theres a 68 % chance there .

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