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It's official! My GRAW copy has

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it will be at my house 3 may it has started shipping from indianapolis indiana. woot! :rofl:

Added, i just got an email from fedex that it is enroute. fun fun fun!

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Yup, mine shipped too. It's in Indianapolis en route to Los Angeles. Est. arrival time 3 p.m. tomorrow (the 2nd) so I guess Ubi made good on its promise of prerelease delivery, at least to overnight service users and only by about 24 hours.

The package weighs 3 pounds. 3 pounds? Didn't think it could weigh that much, especially as it's light on MP modes. Maybe it has a real manual in it. Or a Tom Clancy novel.

Naughty of Ubi not to have offered the DVD version until now; that probably weighs 1/2 lb.

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The package weighs 3 pounds.

Just a guess, but that's probably the dimensional weight, not the actual weight. When in doubt, most shipping companies will calculate shipping costs based on size of package OR physical weight, whichever is greater.

So who's sending me a copy? :P

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My copy is being packed as we speak. Probably gonna ship today. So I should have it on Thursday...

Where did you order your from Spook? I ordered 2 copies from CDon.com and they werent shipping until the 5th(I am also in Norway)

cdon.com for me also... Says "Varene pakkes" now, so should ship today...

EDIT: For those who want to learn some useless norwegian, that means "packing items"...

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