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X-Fi card owners get even better sounds

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I read on another message board that an user with a X-Fi Fatality card was able to set his ingame Audio quality setting to "Extreme" after switching his card to "Game Mode" in the Audio CS software.

Any owners in here who can do the same, and want to compare the two settings, "High" and "Extreme"? I´m really curious how much better the sounds are.


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Guest Tech

Fatal1ty here, Game mode and set to Extreme ingame. Haven't tried on High though.

All I can say is the sounds are simply awesome. Wonderfull job by Desmond :g_withgrin:. I can hear the echo of my gun shots in the background, bouncing on buildings. I'm not even gonna talk about the explosions. Good thing I had some well placed newspapers! :whistle: Stunning, really. That Fatal1ty is really worth it! I upgraded from an Audigy 1 Platinum X-Gamer.

I've red that Audigy 1 and 2 did not have that much of a difference on sound quality, but the gap between the Audigy 2 and the X-Fi's is huge!

That was money well spent :rocky:


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Yep, my XtremeMusic was set to Extreme by default (I never take it out of Game Mode).

Im just going to assume that if you have headphones, or some cheesey speaker setup, you wont notice a huge difference.

But it does sound superb on Extreme.

Headphones are precisely where you notice the largest difference with an X-fi. They pimped it specifically to cater to them, that's why it has headphone specific settings.

I have an X-fi platinum and I can also confirm that it works in 'extreme mode' in game and sounds beautiful. No offence to the graphic artists involved, but I think the audio in this game outshines the visuals. It's lightyears ahead of most other games that I've played.

Essentially, if you're thinking about upgrading, I'd definitely consider an X-fi but I personally wouldn't bother with a fatal1ty or elite pro board right now. The audio quality is EXACTLY the same and so far there is not a single game that shows any significant improvement in performance with the additional memory of those two models. Who knows, maybe GRAW will be that game, but unless someone has one of each card and makes a point to test it, we may never know.

Edit: Oh! And if you're thinking of upgrading, make SURE that your speakers support 6 channel analog inputs. The digital out has been downgraded from the audigy series to the X-fi's and now only offers 2.1 sound where the Digital DIN out of the audigy cards handled up to 7.1 without issue. Now if you want more than 2.1 audio it's analog or nothing. (For reference, Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 speakers do NOT support 6 channel analog input and so now I'm stuck with 4.1 audio if I use my speakers, instead of the 5.1 that worked perfectly with my Audigy Gamer!)

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x-fi Xtreme music here, works on "Extreme" setting just fine, on a nice pair of HD595's :yes:

There is NO reason to buy anything more then an x-fi music, rest of the cards are gimmics if your a gamer.

My bro has sb aud 2 ZS, I can hear the diffrence, but maybe because he has lower quality headphones then I do. :popcorn:

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X-Fi Xtreme music here. Since I was playing a game, I had it in game mode. And yes, extreme was the default.

I did see a post about updating the open AL driver abd having a bit of a performance gain... I did it but cant tell a diff really, my machine runs pretty well anyway so maybe if you have lower end GPU it may make a diff.

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I have an audigy 2 and a M-Audio PRe USB interface (used for recording vocals for music).

With audigy 2 I have high setting with eax ticked.

When I switch to M-Audio Pre USB I then have the extreme option.

Now, the M Audio is nothing like the Audigy 2 for gaming so extreme for that and high for audigy 2 sounds no different (and makes no sense as it in theory shoud be the other way around).

Also ... I still find the distant muffle of firefights still sound wrong when your in an open area right by the firefight that seems to have the muffle like its a fight further away. This sounds the same for both my cards extreme or high.

My question is then, has anyone with and Audigy 2 card got "Extreme" option in the audio for demo or are they all seeing "high"?

UPDATE: My other M-Audio is listed as "Generic hardware" - this gives me an extreme setting, switch to Audigy 2 in the list and I get low medium & high.

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At the Low setting, up to 20 separate audio channels are required. At Medium, up to 32 are used (the limit for most common sound cards). At High up to 64 channels are utilized, and at Extreme, only sound cards which can process 128 Channels will be allowed to see and choose this mode.

Taken from GRAW Tweakguide.

I have the audigy 2 zs & only get high. :shifty:

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This is just slightly off topic, but what is the best place to get a x-fi for the lowest price? Or maybe an equivalent, something else with EAX5? Anyone?

There is nothing else with EAX 5. Other companies would have to have Creative's permission and they're not likely to give that for their newest version. All other cards that support eax I've seen that are non Creative Labs cards support only up to EAX 2.0. There MAY be some that support EAX 3.0, but I've not seen them myself.

As for where to get one for the lowest price, no idea.

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Wow, thanks for that. I think I'm just going to get an Audigy ZS 2, cuz you can mod it to an Audigy 4. It should be better than my on-board AC'97 ALC850, although, that one of the nicest on-board cards I've ever heard.

Anyone want to write review comparing high and extreme? I'd do it, but right now I can only compare medium and low...

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