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I am going to be building my first PC in a month or two. I want to go with a P4 system. Do you have any opinions on the ASUS P4PE BP motherboard? Here's a link ...ASUS P4PE BP Motherboard

Any opinions on this mobo .... and any suggestions on other mobos would be appreciated. :rocky:

Also, I have noticed that on some mobos there is one blue PCI slot. What is that for?

Thanks in advance.


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Big T,

What are your plans for upgrading? In that I mean, how much money are you willing to spend?

My thoughts are: First off, this board seems a little pricey for the options included. Ok, so you get bundled software and "instant music". However, you still get only DDR333 support and ATA/100. Fine. But a "rotating North Bridge Heatsink"? That's a little much. The blue PCI slot states that it is used for "Wireless 3-1 LAN support".

If you are purchasing a board for "down-the-road" use, I'd consider one with at least DDR 400 support, and ATA/133. It appears this board is produced in both a "standard" and "deluxe". The deluxe has SATA and audio. But I'd stay away from the "0n-board" sound. It really drains system resources. (Get an Audigy card or equivelant instead.)

Depending on what processor you are choosing, you can obtain a much cheaper board with about the same options. But IMHO, this board has just too many "bells and whistles" instead of performance enhancing options.

Again, this is just my opinion. Do what you want.

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I am looking to spend about $300 on the mobo & CPU. I would like something for "down the road" upgrading. I would like to get a P4 system. On board sound doesn't matter to me. I have a SoundBlaster Live Value card from my current system that I can put in the new one. I would like to have 533 FSB and the ability for fast RAM (PC2700?) and at least a 4X AGP slot, although 8X would be nice. Also, on board USB 2.0 & FireWire would be nice, but not really necessary since I have PCI cards for both of them already. That is all that I am certain about. For anything else I need some advice and direction.

I already have a case (thanks Stinger) and power supply. I am going to need a middle of the road video card since I now have a NVIDIA TNT2 32MB video card. I have been thinking about using that video card for a while until I save some more money for a new one.

Thanks to EVERYONE for their advice. I value your opinions.


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