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the .cfg/.ini

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Long time lurker/supporter of the forum...First time posting.



Anywho; The cfg for GRAW...curious if anyone has any information or has some sort of definition as to what we'll be looking at when editting it for optimizing/enhancing performance, etc...

Just curious since they threw the Post Effects -on-off- tip on the main page.

:cheers: and beers fellas.


p.s. The demo is running perfectly fine on my rig...I am running a 6800ultra OC from BFG tech with latest forceware drivers off guru3d.com (AGP/Asus P4C800E); 1.5gb of ram OCZ dual chan platinum; 3.2ghz P4 Prescott. Air cooled and not oc'd one bit...Post Effect imo is too yellow; and in all honesty; my monitor (Viewsonic A91F+) has 'ultrabrite' mode that is not needed w/yellow-effect (heh)...Which bothers me...Why? Because yellow reminds me of urine.

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