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Please help me ....

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System specs:

processor: p4 2.8 ghz w/ht

Ram: 1024 mb PC3200

Video: ATI 9600 pro 256mb

On board Sound ...

Just bought the card cause my FX 5200 wouldn't run the demo.

Broght it home, Installed it and all the shiny new drivers and such ... I even uninstalled and re-installed the Demo ...

I start it up and i get this crap :

Crash in application version: grpcdemorc1.04

Failed setting up render device.

Any assistance is greatly apreciated ...

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Lizard,May 1 2006, 07:26 PM]


You fully uninstalled other gfx drivers, tried reinstalling direct x and then put new drivers in and then install the demo. Do it in that order.

Yup .... there was a driver conflict ... it's been resolved .... now i just gotta get rid of all the black rendering ... I think i saw another thread on that ...

Thanks for the assist guys ....

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