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NHL Playoff Thread


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I know he is sighing for several reasons... including the Devils knocking them off in 4 straight.

This is payback for Matteau...

Carolina, Devils, Ottawa, Sabres... hmmm. Looks like Ottawa vs. Devils to me...

Yeah, so sad NYR32 :(

Oh wait... my Wings are having trouble as well. :huh: Could be a short post season for me to.



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Well, looks like I'll have a lot more time for other things the next month. Jeez! ######! It boggles my mind how you can go into the play offs with the best record for the season and blow it.

Edmonton outworked Detroit by far... no dubt aboot it!

-John :o

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Go any team from Canada! It's been too long since we've seen the cup back here...

I'd love to see Edmonton represent the West... but I can't stand Montreal or Ottawa (go figure huh).

GO sabres tonight! Go Calgary tomorrow night! (hope Scott N. get sent golfing after abandoning the Devils right after Stevens retires - He can play with his brother... with their 7 irons!)


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Looks like the 'Canes and the Oilers will be battling for the Stanley Cup starting next week! I knew the Hurricanes were based in NC, but I didn't realize the RBC Center was so close to Red Storm!

Hmm ... Red Storm, Hurricanes wear red, both in Raleigh NC area, could this be a coincidence?

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