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Shocked at how bad it is

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I have both the XBOX and PC versions of GR. Personally, my favorite is the XBOX version. I love playing on XBOX Live, and I was surprised at how easy it was to get used to the controls.

I also like how they revamped the GUI for the XBOX. The threat indicator is awesome!

What I like best about the PC version are the add ons and modifications you can use...

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I have played both the X-BOX version and PC version:

X-BOX version Pros:

>Best version of GR for Console Based Games

>Great sound effects

>Intro Movie Rocks ;)

>Easy-to-Learn controls for GR

X-BOX version Cons:

>Crappy AI

>Not so great Graphics(I was really hoping they'd get it right. I think HALO looks better than GR :rolleyes: )

>Limited MODS availability

>Placing waypoints on the map takes considerable time - too much time IMO

PC version Pros:

>Excellent Graphics

>Decent AI

>MOD availability

>Precision gameplay, including marking of waypoints on the map

PC version Cons:



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Where do i start? GR is a VERY GOOD (But not great game) on the PC. I do like the realism, but in the Xbox version- it simply sucks - some reasons why:

1> Lots of buildings lots of windows- Tell me why cant i go into them and shoot people from those windows? Not all the buildings but a select few on each map would be cool. The PC version has this problem also.

2. In XBox live version- you RESPAWN IN FRONT THE OF THE GUYS THAT JUST KILLED YOU and simply you get shot again, and again and again. That is BS and not fun and takes the life right out of ANY game you play. I just got offline from 3 hours pf playing. In one gameI got killed like 10 times in a row without a chance by the SAME GUY!! Respawn right in front of him EACH TIME. This alone make sthe game suck.

3> Hills and mounds are everywhere- why cant I even walk up some of the most BASIC INCLINES- they are not even hills! Yes you can walk up SOME hills but not near half of them- and cant jump fences either.

4> Sometimes even head shots with sniper rifles wont kill opponents!!

5> Many video clip problems

6. No "look senisitivity" settings for the controller- the sniper and other sighted guns are not NEAR as smooth or fast or adjustable as HALO.

7> I will only be able to get about $15 for it on Ebay

8> Other bugs. I came up behind a guy behind a bus in the city map- pulled 5 rounds in his head, he turns around and one shots me in the face I go down- he lives. Total crap.

9> Can Run, squat and lay down- why not Jump? great way to avoid being shot- as in RUNNING and JUMPING to get behind an opbject. Almost all FPS type games allow a JUMP.

Great promise- only average execution.

I WANTED TO REALLY LIKE THIS GAME- I like the PC version (Has some of the same problems) but is a more polished game. Basically as far as online goes, we are all camping out until HALO 2 comes out.

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itslate>do you want them to fly too......why do you want it to be so realistic.its the best combat game ever(in my terms).and for some of the stuff mentioned im sure that you couldnt make a game better.for all those pc things you said it might be your computer this game does take alot of power for it to play

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