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GRAW Patch


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I myself have the online issues where you can't join friends games, with or without an invite, nor can they join mine....

I've just recieved an email from Ubi about the GRAW patch, they are currently working on it at the moment but still no release date. it will most likely cover fixes such as:

(if there's a "?" at the end of the list item it's not 100% confirmed).

1.Clan Support?


3. More MP Maps (a definate)

4.Fix unstable servers (Bye Bye connection problems)

5.Maybe a few more customizations?

6.proximity voice when you are around the other team?

7.fix for Achievment bugs (a definate)

8. southpaw controls for those who need it (I don't but many do)

9. spectate when you join in progress?

10. Be able to see your total number of kills, deaths, wins, and so on... (Keep Track of those kills for the 10000)?

He said they were looking at some otther options but didn't list them.

Stay tune as I'm being very Proactive on this one and will get further updates from Ubi in due course.


If this is true someone will have to save the content on a memory card and send it to me where I will download it and send your memory card back

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If this is true someone will have to save the content on a memory card and send it to me where I will download it and send your memory card back

Why would someone have to send it to you? You can't d/l it?

Don't have xbox live :(:(:(

So now I have to get it from somewhere.

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to be honest with you there are a few "fixes" i hope that they will address . the main one being....

A. when you are zoomed in sometimes you have a perfectly clear shot, but actually you have a bush or small rock in front of your barrel, and the grenade or round impacts it, rather than your target.

B. make reload time for grenade launcher a tad bit slower. at the moment you can reload while in a full run really quickly, it makes people turn into mobile artillery machines.

C. some night city maps. possibly with rain. or possibly a map similar to temple but with rain or nighttime settings

D. stable servers that WILL hold 16

E. ability to invite friends to a ranked game or move your team to a ranked game. with the way ranked games are currently set up, they do not allow you to just invite people , it is encouraging you to play with strangers which turns the game in to a run and gun session. Make team play your priority please RSE.

F. MP5 variants. just for kicks.

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-as ive said before maps should have day or night cycle option in the settings.

-also a true blind siege mode would be nice.

well, the reason i didnt say a day or night option is because i think that because of the way lighting is used in the game engine, it would require you to just download a night version of the map. (so basically a new map) so its just my guess, but i would think time of day adjusting on OUR end would be impossible. because of the way the lighting was used in the game etc. but i would love to be able to like you said.

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