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is GR1 still popular?

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Lately there was some topics about this. 2 topics on second page of this forum, then one on 3rd page,..

To sum all forum topics(for me) : you need some friend to play with you online, community, clan,.. that do for most of us who play this game for a long time. We all have a group of people who we trust and have fun with playing Ghost recon 1 online.

If you are new or haven't play for some time, the best thing for you is to install xfire, all seeing eye (I'm not using it - just heard), or plain old UBI service to play online.

On average there is about 1000 (my estimate)playing on xfire + ubi + All seeing eye.

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I think if GR had an ingame browser, there would be more people playing than many new games today. To play co-op, I have to make arrangements with friends. It'd be nice just to hop on a co-op server.

You should check out the Alpha Squad, Tactical Gamer, Nine Man Squad (9MS), and leading the way, Special Detachment. We're all hardcore coop. Bring your Teamspeak and mic.

We're around most nights and weekends still.

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I think that online is pretty much the only place to get GR/DS/IT. What's nice is that it now comes on one DVD. I noticed that you have install the 1.4 patch after you install IT. With the CDs, you didn't have to - it automatically got installed.

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I cant see to find my GR CDs, they musta got lost in my move :(. And when I checked the stores, they dont have it anymore either. Guess maybe I will get it off amazon.com

:o= You can still buy Ghost Recon today. Big Bytes sell it for $9.95 Australian Dollars.

You read that correctly, they are giving this game away for virtually nothing.

You can also get other great Clancy games like Raven shield for the same price.

The manual is a PDF file rather than a glossy manual but who's complaining.

If you did actually buy Ghost recon, (and not simply burnt a mates copy), the

game is registered to you (hopefully) and you are entitled to request another copy

from the makers, if the discs have been lost/stolen etc. The same goes for the loss

of your Windows Operating System. You paid for the software and it should be replaced

if it goes missing as that copy belongs to you and only you. The person that steals the

software is not only a cheap skate and a clown but is foregoing any help from the

manufacturers. This is one of the reasons that companies offer support for their

programs. Imagine having to re-purchase all of your software after some bozo steals

your computer or your discs.

You only have to buy software ONCE and then you own it for good. You do not have to

repurchase the product every time you lose it, etc. but you do need to register it so

the company knows that you have paid for it. You don't honestly believe that

Red Storm Entertainment and Ubisoft have thrown out every copy of GR, DS and IT

just because they have a newer game out. Send them your story and see what they

say. By the way, have you heard of CD burners? You are allowed to make ONE copy

of your software to ensure that your original copy stays safe while you scratch up your

copy. Now you know why it is legal to use [Thing that should not be spoken of here] . So you can either run a copied

version of the game or install the original and then whack it back in it's case.

Hope that you get another copy and try our Mods. Good luck, Soldier.

Ghost Troop, over and out.

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Just like to add, i still play this when i can (When my computer is working.)

I usually play with the Alpha Squad, SD+ and several other similar clans on the Alpha Squad server. BTW, i think the Alpha Squad Mod is excellent, really improved the realism, and forces you to use tactics and organization. They're good guys there though, had many fun days and nights with them under my M14DMR.

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While graphic cards and game engines have 'progressed' over the past five years there has been little that had improved on the gameplay of the [Ghost Recon]

I most recently played Battlefield 2 competitively for a clan and I just simply stopped playing it about two or three weeks ago because it just ceased to hold my interest any more...

It became repetative and dull.

SO - I dusted off my old copy of Ghost Recon and spent a weekend downloading all those mods that I always wanted (I played on an Apple Mac so originally couldn't use some of the fantastic mods that were available to PC users)...


I found that the mods and gameplay and game modes are responsible for Ghost Recons lomg life - as it seemed that just when everyone got bored playing GR as it was, someone would come up with a new game mode or mod to rekindle everyoes interest.

I wish Battlefield 2 had the reange of gamemodes (or even just a proper co-op mode!) - this is a typical example of a modern game which has actually GONE BACKWARDS - mainly to suit younger players who are more used to teh linear console type of play.

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