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I haven't played the demo, but just curious. Some ppl are concerned that the NV will removed/effects off if we mess around with the Post Effect.

Does this demo have a night mission?

I haven't seen a screenshot from anyone thats why I was asking. Or is dynamic like if you leave the demo running for awhile, it will eventually turn night, this way you'll have an advantage.


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I actually liked the post-effects in the demo :blink: The screenshots with the PEs turned off look very unreal to me. With it on... I don't know how to explain it, it just seems more real to me.

I have a feeling, though, that the real character of the post-effects will only be noticeable when we get to see more maps and different times of day.

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I have a feeling, though, that the real character of the post-effects will only be noticeable when we get to see more maps and different times of day.

Yes, it will vary from map to map

You guys need to get away from the old static light. If the sun is orange the HDR will make stuff orange - if it is bleak yellow/white it will make stuff pale. The Church map is very orange and so is two other CO-OP / SP missions. Others not.

Each mission and MP level got different settings. Forget about coloring the texture much - when modding think of how the material will react with the sun setting it is used in. IF you put a guy in direct sun light - he will shine. If he is in a shadow he will be colored say bluish from the radiosity bounce.

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The older one looks badass. Perhaps it would have stayed that way had people not complained that it looked too bright. Now we have others (or maybe the same people) saying it is too yellow. It would be cool if you could scale it to your tastes with a slider, but I guess that won't happen.

Yep, exactly what I thought.

Pretty much everyone was complaining about how bright it was when it was white.

Now it's a yellow, darker (comparatively) tone, and people are complaining about that too.

I agree that it looks more natural with the old lighting, but I don't have a problem with the current lighting... I think it looks good too.

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Well, I am now playing the full game with post effects ON, and I'm loving it!

Doesn't look yellowy at all - it looks very realistic. Actually, if I were to look out my window right now *looks out the window*, then I could barely see the difference. (If it wasn't for this AA problem, of course... <_< )

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8 pages and no one asked this!

which setting keeps the characters from blending in with the map best???

i've been playing MP with no PE, and i think lack of lighting really slows down your reaction. hand grenades look so similar to the rest of the street trash on maps, it's impossible to determine where they land and i usually run right into the explosions. of course, it helps my FPS, but even at 75 frames per second i sometimes look straight at a still enemy and don't realize it untill he fires. i agree with whoever said the game gets a cartoony look without PE. it just feels like a 2D scene at times!

as soon as i get my liquid cooled 1900xtx i'm switching to low or medium. hopefully when i get the second one for crossfire i'll be able to keep the frames at a playable level on high.

so, regardless of looks, i seem to be able to see a bit better with PE. now if only we could get a slightly wider FOV...

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