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I just got it from a friend of mine some new info:

It will be an option to turn post effect on "LOW" which he says is a good compromise.

If turns out to be true I think it would be good news.

Please note this is not confirmed yet. But I think its good news.

I'll try to confirm this and let you all know. :thumbsup:

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Wait nevermind. It would seem he was just fooling with some settings. this is what he says......

You edit the "renderer_settings.xml" file, found in "GRAW/Data/settings" folder and set to "low" instead of "high"


So there is a way you can tone it down without turning off the nv. I'm going to try this out in the demo.

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Some aspects look better with, others without. Every screen looks like it is being taken in the late stages of the day, and it totally loses the feel of the hot mexican sun. It may as well be taken place in Canada. Mabey something i nthe middle

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Is this only an option in the FULL version though?  My Demo only has Low, Medium, and High...

not a listed option in the demo

To set it "off" you have to edit the renderer_settings.xml file, found in \Data\settings

in the line "post_effect_quality" change the value to "false"

  <variable name="post_effect_quality" value="false"/>
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(Oidentfoy Friendley Foire)

I say ON, I come from the Caribbean and that is how a really sunny day looks like. Without it it looks like a dull european summer day. Maybe allowing some people to adjust it/tone it down in a patch would be greatly appreciated.

Funny thing........your location says Netherlands.

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Hey guys, can someone please tell me the meaning of AA - Antialiasing? I've heard of it and people seem to want it.. What does it do for a game? Thanks.

There is plenty of AA chat in other threads, this discussion is for Post effects only, thanks.

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On for sure or just add another setting for OFF. Bad enough they had to turn down the "dynamic" part of the HDR effect due to popular vote.

I also think the game looks like a DirectX8 game when its set to "off" and fugly, but thats just my personal opinion.

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I have to say that, yes It does look more vibrant with the effects off. However its dusty mexico. At the same rate some fail to realize that turning these effects off will be most certainly banned by most ladders as it could give an unfair advantage in distance view.

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Looks far better on

It looks very crappy turned OFF lol... almost like GR1 :blink:

i like it on, gives the game a nice look and acually makes you feel like your in the heart of mexico, very nice, and the lighgitn isnt over done, its perfect

Exactly... The effects used in the game will definitily produce some amazing scenes later on in the game... just have to wait and see :)

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HDR is the isue why there is no AA right? Why don't they turn it off, enable AA and find some other way to do the lighting?  :shifty:

Deferred lighting (google it) is the reason why AA does not work with the game, on any hardware.

There's no way to do "some other way" of lighting without rewriting the renderer for the game completely.

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