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Get your full version yet?

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I am curious when people ordered, and whether anyone has gotten the game yet. I ordered on the 25th to get the free shipping. My order says processing, but when I check the order itself, it says the item shipped on the day I ordered.

Thing is, it was supposed to be 2 day shipping, and if it actually shipped on the 25th, it should have been delivered yesterday. I still havent heard word one about a tracking number from UBI.

How about anyone else?

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i ordered the 25th they said it would be come on monday i dont know how other got it so earily

I initially ordered it in January, then cancelled it because of the coop issue not being fuly revealed.. Then I re-orderd it on March 28 and I'm getting the same response as you.. They said it was shipped on the 25th, (2 Day-Fed-X) still no GRAW...

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UBI tells me that my (preordered) GRAW shipped out on April 25th. My question is has anyone else recieved thiers from UBI, that recieved the same message?

I'm just excited about getting the game!!!! :D

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I just thought my heading was alot more catching and figured could recieve more response...sorry I didnt page thru the forms!!!

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