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Thoughts On Jumping

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Face it jumping is realistic and not having the ability to jump is just unrealistic.

In GR2/GRAW for Xbox(360) you have this feature where you can climb on top of some objects (sounds like the same feature some of you were talking about that apparently is in R6).

The good thing about this system is that it prevents bunny hopping BUT it's to slow and can only be done in few places on each map, which makes it unreal cause it excludes all of the other objects where you normally can climb on/over in real life. This means that object A can be climbed on and object B for no good reason at all can't be. But also let's you climb over a 1 meter object but not that tiny 1 inch slope.

If like I normally hear most of the people here say you wan't a realistic game, than why exclude jumping? Answer it with solid arguments but not just say: "don't wan't it".

May the answer be you don't wan't it to prevent bunny hopping, than why not work together to find a solution that prevents BH'ing instead of simply excluding it out of the whole game?

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When GRIN/UBI asked us all many years ago if we wanted a jump feature and we all agree not to have it.  At least majority of Ole' Timers and hardcore GR.NET members did. :D

Even bunny-hopping-loving-BF2-players patched to remove it.

Count me out on this feature. :grin1:

Hmm, I never suggested that GR3 should have the ability to bunny hop, so I find it interesting that you would make a point of it... :wacko:

My point is to have a better way of interacting with the environment without the annoyance of bunnyhopping. I think it can be done right, has been done right in other games, and should be done in this game.

For instance: in the demo, on the last long road to the tanker you're supposed to blow up, as you turn the corner at the beginning of the road, you encounter 1-2 rebels and one is behind a gate-like wall on the left side of the road.... If you continue down that left wall after shooting the badguys, there is a point between the gate-wall and one of those concrete tree boxes that you cannot get through! There is a sniper on the top right building on down, and at least 2 soldiers by the big APC on the right... man would it be nice if I could get between that wall and tree box to get a shot on them, while my support guy is keeping their heads down!


It would be nice if I could simply jump that little gap that my soldier can't seem to get through. Or maybe get on that little concrete box the tree is in, to stand behind the tree and peek... just one other place the soldiers might not be looking!

I think this topic title should be changed to 'getting over obstacles' or something; too many people are just saying "no, I hate jumping" and not really commenting on the alternatives.

Lesson learned Ranger :wall:

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Jumping should be included. Period. I can and have used. there is a place for it. It is usually removed from titles because that is easier than programming so the correct reactions and capabilites are found. Why beat this up again:


Eventually the thread includes jumping and there are a host of points to consider.

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i love the game but it needs jump or a climb button to get over small obsticles.

its very annoying when a knee height platform is in front of you but you have to run all the way around to the steps or ramp..... i understand you want to avoid bunnyhopping as much as possible and i hate it as much as the next guy, but yer needs a small jump or something.

and i dont know if anyone has noticed when you sprint off the edge of a platform etc the ghost falls straight down, he doesnt seem to run off the edge keeping his momentum.

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If you want jumping/climbing go play BF2...

Are you implying that climbing is an arcade feature? Jumping obviously does have the potential to become a nuisance, but climbing is no more arcade than one-shot kills. You gain absolutely no advantage from climbing over an object other than being able to climb over an object.

Jumping and climbing were left out too many people did not want it.

Maybe I have a selective memory, but I seem to recall a climb/clamber option on most peoples' lists in those 'What I would like to see in GR2' threads ages ago. Did opinions suddenly change when GRAW was announced?

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if it would ever come in this game than it would be in expansionpack 1/2/3 because of the work invalved to the engine and motion capturing

if all climbers and jumpers all would buy the game and it is sold so many times that money is flowing freely maybe ubi would give grin the order to make it so

for now it has been said that climbing and jumping will not be included due to the amount of work (read that in a post somewhere)

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I would quit playing this game the day "Jumping" was introduced, but as with many others I think scaling walls that are just below shoulder heigth would be fine and add another dimension to the game.

In CoD2 scaling walls is not always the best option, due to the fact that you cannot shoot when in the act of doing so. If this was added to GRAW it would be another thing to think about while in battle, thus adding more tactical gameplay. Doing it at the wrong time or place could prove coslty, and would have to be planned out instead of a reaction type move.

If it is not added or even thought about I would not be at a loss, as I assume alot of people would not, but it would be a welcomed addition none the less by many as well. Either way this game will be good when finished.

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The climb over funtion in the Xbox 360 version was cool, nicley implemented, but I can't really say I miss it in the PC version too much.

What would be a nightmare is the introduction of anything that would be akin to the annoying bunny jumping you get in BF2. The latest patch made some moves towards removing the ability of players to do ridiculious dive/jump combos, but you still get players jumping around like pogo sticks (while still firing) in an attempt to avoid being hit. That's a huge annoyance and a big enough reason for me to be glad there is no jumping in GRAW.

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Why should we? This is a discussion board so people in here can discuss things.

I've said it before but if you're against such a feature use proper arguments. Some above do and are afraid of bunnyhopping. Besides that I never want to see that in a GR game as well, in my eyes that's a reasonable argument. But please don't give me that "go play BF2..." nonsense, cause it is nonsense.

Back on topic:

What do you people think about a jumping/climbing feature that only becomes available when the player encounters jump/climb situations? This way players can't or are less likely to misuse there ability to jump and thus preventing bunnyhopping.

You might think this is the same as in GR2/GRAW on consoles but it's diverent.

My idea is that every object which can be jumped over is surrounded by an invisible "jump/climb activation border". When a player passes that border the ability of jumping is activated and he can jump if moving into the direction of the object.

Some possible examples on how it could work:

Example 1 low objects; crates, low walls, etc.:

You have a low object like a crate, walk towards it while holding your jump button to jump/climb on top of it. Do the same while running to jump over it.

If a player stands next to the crate while moving towards/facing a diverent direction while holding his jump button nothing happens.

Example 2 higher objects; higher walls, high open windows, low roofs, etc.:

While facing a wall press your J/C button to climb on top of it (if the top surface allows you to).

Run towards it to perform a quick climb over.

Again, if a player stands next to the wall but is facing/moving towards a diverent direction while holding his jump button nothing happens.

Example 3 humans as jump over/climb on objects:

When a person dies or goes prone a "J/C activation border" is instantly created around the body which let people jump over them (Note: I left out climbing on purpose cause I see bad situations arising when a player walks over another player's living body).

ALSO when facing a teammate this system could be used like in a SC:CT way where people could help each other over a high object when they both agree (but that seems a bit to much for now. :) ).

Example 4 diving away; in case of near grenades:

In a situation when a grenade lands near a player a dive option could become available which give the player the ability to quickly dive away (and maybe as well while under fire).

Note: this is just a quick brainstorm on how such a feature may work, some things may not work or should be changed.

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Those are some good ideas, I really like the one about diving away from a grenade. About climbing though, I really liked the climbing feature in the old R6 games, I thought it worked really well. Also the climbing in Perfect Dark Zero is pretty good (not perfect but good enough)

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It is usually removed from titles because that is easier than programming so the correct reactions and capabilites are found. Why beat this up again:

It's usually removed from tactical shooters for gameplay reasons. You can also kick people in real life, but you shouldn't me able to in OFP or GR. :thumbsup:

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It's usually removed from tactical shooters for gameplay reasons. You can also kick people in real life, but you shouldn't me able to in OFP or GR. :thumbsup:

I don't know... I was just thinking today that it would be cool to run up to that damned spawn camper and give him a swift kick in the balls... :lol:

Tchaikovsky I really like your ideas! They are well thought out, I just wonder how hard it would be to implement in an already-released game... hopefully easily!!

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