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when you fire the weapon

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do you hit the target when the dot or cross(sniper rifle) is on the target or a bit off?

i'm playing right now and when i have to hit someone, i have to aim at the guy's knee or something like that to get a head shot...and aim at his shoe to get a torso shot, etc.

also, is the cross of the sniper rifle in the center of screen or in lower right?

i think i have a bug where the guy's breathing way too hard or something, the aim is always off

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There's a known bug that affects some rigs, where the reticules sway (when zoomed in) while you are full rest, as much as they would when moving quickly. While stopped, prone, and still, the reticule sways as if you were moving/turning at full tilt.

It's not an aiming problem at the player's end; it's an issue with the demo code. In some configurations, it is almost impossible to aim while zoomed, as the reticule bounces around the screen at a pretty high speed, literally from corner to corner.

I've seen it suggested that this glitch may be due to having less than a full 1 gig of RAM installed while running the demo. I know I only have 512 megs, and a pistol is more accurate at long range than the M99 is.

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