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Not hearing your own gun?

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Similar problem:

I'm using TEAMSPEAK and playing MP with a few friends.

Once in a while, i stop hearing some of the sounds. Sometimes, it's my gun, but the other sounds are there. Some other time, I loose the music...

But mostly, I lose the TEAMSPEAK.

My buddies still hear me, but I don't hear them.

When I notice it's too quiet, during a game, I then go into the AUDIO OPTION screen and i press AUTO-DETECT and then APPLY and at that time, I will get all sounds back for another while... I loose it many times during a game (3x in the last 10 minutes...)

I have an Soundblaster Live 24 bits with the latest drivers.

EAX is currently on... I'll try to turn it off to see if it has an impact on this problem.

Tried it and still the same problem...

Excellent music and effects, btw...

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