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Need some help with Delta

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So i'm putting together a small skin mod for personal use, my question is how can i get the D-boy skin from NMM2.0 to show woodland BDU in IT and GR and desert BDU in DS? I have the patches that allow me to get the woodland D-boy i was just wondering if this is even possible to do, perhaps with alittle file editing? Thanks for any help you can give me. :stupid:

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so you have a woodland version AND a desert version of the skin, right?.

the .chr files should be named that way:

XXX.chr - GR

XXX_desert.chr - DS

XXX_cuba.chr - IT

Open up an .atr file (I assume you'll use the chr as standard, not as specialist. Just copy & paste standard GR's .atr into your mod/actor folder and edit them).




If there are no XXX_a.chr and XXX_b.chr files, delete the LOD2 & 3 Lines completely.

It's really easy, just needs practice ;)

I also recommend BJB's atr generator, it's somewhere in the download section



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