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mouse lag how do i fix it?

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Basicly it's because of your low fps (i assume you have that). Try settings some stuff lower or upgrade your videocard

Or, what did you try so far?

And how much fps do you get?

Ive tried everything suggested so far in this forum except the coolbits thing. ill try that later

my specs are

amd 2.1 ghz

1gig ram


im running it at 800x600@85

i have everything on low

and removed the physix drivers

it seems like i have to move the mouse half way across the desk just to get the ret to move 2 inches across the screen (or 51mm for those across the pond)


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Are you sure it's not the ingame sensitivity? Or those new Laser-mice with very high dpi can make your mouse move slower or faster (lol, not sure. Brother has one) ingame too.

I have about 30 fps and it feels kinda heavy/sluggish, when i move my mouse it responds a bit later ingame. But i know i need to upgrade to run this game better :)

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the only thing that helps from my experience is the frames ahead to 0 trick and this is only a 75% fix.

I have'nt tried using just the XP mouse driver yet, that might help.

There are people on NVNews with high end SLi rigs and even some of them have the same mouse lag issue. :wall:

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