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Enough of the Frame Rate, AA, EIEIO

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I am a 9700 guy running low, but got 15x2mb. No that is not K small b or even KB. My bullets will shoot just as far and as accurate as the rest of you all's-like that US southern speak.

Well we like our guns and our girls i.e "Eye Candy"-but we really like our guns.

5 years in the making now hard core GR is again available if you play it.

Is it the game?


GRIN, BO, Hansel and Greatle, Sven, Nord and Rolf

Got my hotdogs and Yohoo (american substitute for PUCKO) got some creamy shrimps stuff as well-for fine Swedish dining.

How mant bridges to Slaussen?

Peace out


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I think the guns are fun to shoot! I like the sound and the diffrent feel for all of the guns. Also, when you are to close to a wall you can't use your gun because, well, your to dam close to the wall. The sound is great, in fact I love the way the sound ecchos off walls and down the streets.

What about the running and then sliding. Very cool.

I just hope the retail version has a lot more guns to play with!


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The more I play the more the game grows on me. I love the audio aspect too. The distant echoes after gunshots is great and to my knowledge has never been implemented into a tactical shooter. The graphics are the best on my PC right now and it's playable with everything on high surprisingly, even though I have an x800pro. SP is great too! I know I'll be reliving the old days of going through missions until there are no team members hit by fire ( I remember Rocky actually calling that sad and pathetic some years back when GR came out, I doubt he even remembers. :( ) Anyways, great game GRIN. I'm very pleased and no doubt I will be buying the full retail.

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The game is awsome. There are alot of issues I want to see delt with to make it GREAT, and a new classic, but im already sold on expansions and am so close to declaring myself a GRIN groupy (Just need to see the retail version first).

This is a great start, I just hope Grin keeps developing games with this direction in mind.

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