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AA-AF-HDR test in FV (ATI x800 XT PE)


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seems like one of the major talking points so thought i would take some screens to test and pass along.

ATI X800 XT PE v3.8.231

all settings forced in driver control panel

all screenies are around 350kb and 1280 x 1024 so i'll link to 'em instead of messing up the forum.

titles should be pretty self-explanitory. (hdr01 = on)








so erm as you can see, no setting affects anything except when HDR is turned off (Post_Effect_Quality = false), which makes a big difference in map colour lol.

i would like to see someone else post some screenies who thinks their ATI can utilise AA please.

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Panic, how much fps do you get on lets says you MP Settings?

And what are your full specs? :)

Just checking which cards seem to be able to get good fps.. need to upgrade my 30fps machine soon ;)

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@ ben: putting everything on low settings (my standard multi settings) the frame rate does nto really change, so i'm guessing my cpu is holding my system back. i cant really get things above 40 constantly.

weird thing is that the game does not feel laggy to me :/ i mean in GR1 and other games, i can tell as soon as things get below 60 at least. but this still seems ok at 30 :/ not sure why.

system is basically:

AMD barton 2800+ Mobile :D (200x11)

dfi lan party nfII ultra b

2x512 pc3200

ati x800 xt pe

just cant affort to upgrade the whole lot.

@ Rocky - yep, no AA at all. slightly dissapoing, i know someone who cancelled his game order because of it lol. anyways, i crank all settings on low for multi anyway, i'm not too fussed about how nice things look.

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