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After finally resolving an issue with the game hanging my system (i forgot to disable Fast Writes), i've been able to get on with the game, albiet soley in online co-op mode so far.

The issue's i would like to see addressed are mainly simple things:

1) Aiming when in prone position and laying ontop of a ledge like a curb or a step is useless as you are pointed towards the sky.

2) I feel the overly long pause between reloading and being able to run/sprint could do with shortening.

3) When the host of an online co-op game dies, he/she is kicked from the lobby and given an "CD-Key Rejected" error, meaning you have to rehost the server.

Lastly, one small feature request, currently it can be something of a chore to invite a friend into a game you have hosted (co-op), as there is no way to reserve player slots for friends, perhaps some sort of buddy reserve system could be thought about in future? As it stands, i currently have to keep closing and re-hosting a co-op game because the room tends to fill up before a friend is able to join. A password on the game is ok if you have 3 friends to invite beforehand, but it's no use if you want to play with a friend whilst still keeping the game public.

Otherwise, an excellent game from what i've played, certainly a great effort in my opinion, and i look forward to any future support from the developers to help fil out the game a bit and smooth it over.


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I now have the full perchased version yesterday and here are my thoughts compared to demo and overal game itself.

The game dose run much smoother giving the same frame rates as demo. The visuals look much better and detailed. I need another 10fps to play it smoother but no settings will give me that unless I run things very low to a point that it looks awfull. ASF Tri or even 16x dont make no difference to frame rate. In fact no settings make any difference other than resoloution at and post effects.

The AI seem good but have run directly in my line of fire. Having the ability to add waypoints stops this though. The men in general are helpfull and will help get the mission done is planed well.

The motorized spy drone is nice feature but found that im un aware of what im actualy looking at in relation to where I am. If the drone had the ability to zoom out thurther it would help. If given orders to drone to move to another location it will move fast on the tactical map but on video feed moves very slow. It would be great to actualy fly the drone and controll its direction and zoom. I know some hardcore fans love a challange but I dont always have much time to play games so a save feature would be handy. If you fail I feel you go to far back.

In GR1 I like the fact that if you get shot in the leg you limp and it slows you down this is missing and should have been added or at least to show where on the body your injured.

Wheres the blood? there should be a little blood unless its not working the game im running. In the manual it says to sprint press SHIFT + Z this is not correct as it should be SHIFT + W the defaut forward key, but thats not a problem.

The sound Is missing some things like wind tress when your near them, birds in the sky, its too silent. Having been put in a dead lifless like town is bad enougth.

I want to hear the oposing side shout maybe or make more noise. When Im injured I should be limping and making some noise not just ouch then carry on as normal. On the up side I like the music and has nice timing on action events. I like the low pad sound in the background that gives you that feeling of danger.

I realy need to access the weaponds quicker and to assign keys or even to have the G key assigned to Grenade is better than current sellection method. It would have been nice to see the hand change the fire modes but thats not a major problem either. Other than the stated fixes I like it alot but not very playable at this time.

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So far... disappointment.

First, some history of me: I bought GR Classic in it's first week on retail shelves and faithfully bought the mission packs. I've downloaded dozens of enhancements from this very website. I still play Classic at least once a week.

The Not-So-Good:

I dunno. Perhaps I simply wanted the old Ghost Recon with an updated graphics engine, bigger maps and new weapons. I LOVED the fact that you could run a mission on your own or "bring friends along". There are times I still play the Classic missions on Elite with only me, a silenced M9 and a silenced rifle. It's the challenge.

I wanted better quality of the same "slimmed down tactical" game like Classic.

After five or six hours of playing the retail version of GRAW I feel like there's too much going on in the game.... the interface seems clunky to me... it doesn't flow. I find myself fighting the interface and the game more than I'm fighting the enemy. The mouse movements on the map page seem very uncoordinated... my mouse floats around and it seems difficult to pinpoint locations for waypoints, etc.

And having Save Points in the story instead of actual game saves is console thinking, not PC gamer thinking. That shows there still IS a "follow the script" mentality that came from the console world. That seriously blows, in my opinion.

The good:

The graphics are way better, no doubt about it. But even on a machine that's WAY above their stated minimum, there's lag in the play and I'm NOT running "90000x 76000 with full details"... I'm actually being rather conservative. This game PC runs BattleField and Far Cry very well. I think it's "game clunkiness" rather than something overtaxing my hardware.

So far my first reaction is 3 out of 5. I'm definitely NOT uninstalling Ghost Recon Gold Edition any time soon.

I just finished another hour of gameplay and my opinion hasn't changed. I'm actually going to play some classic now, simpy because I don't want to walk away with a disappointed feeling regarding anything labeled "Ghost Recon".

PS: I wrote this without reading ANY other feedback... I haven't been tainted by the opinions of others.

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Problem with the HDR in dark areas in single payer campaign -

I am quite pleased with the HDR graphics system and really enjoy the vision adjusting to dark areas but the shadowed areas are much less bright than they should be. I have tried adjusting the settings to 1.5 brightness with my monitor brightness up but it's nowhere near enough. Should we really be forced to use Night Vision almost half the time whilst outdoors in the daytime?

Maybe if my room was pitch dark it would be ok? I'll try that tonight!

<this applies to the single player campaign not multiplayer maps>

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Ok, i am half way (i think..) through the SP part and have played about 10 hours MP Domination.

my system:

AMD 3500+

7600 GT



- very nice!! I expected better performance on my system but it runs ok.

- Sound in SP is great! In MP the sound is not half as nice! (I think its because everyone uses a supressor ...)

SP Gameplay:

- I love it! just like GR 1!

- Had some problems with my AI teammates but nothing major.

Ok ... MP ..

MP Gameplay/Gametypes:

- on most servers all you need is your run key .. run - capture - run - capture ... There are some servers with 0 respawns and the gameplay was totaly different!

- Running: i think the gameplay would be much better if you could not run forever!

The run speed is very fast and with all the gear and armor the ghost are wearing, the run/sprint time should be limited to 10 seconds.

There is no teamwork at all because everyone is just running around ...

- Sound in MP /supressors: The sound in SP is so nice!! But MP is too quiet! the first thing everyone will buy with his points is a supressor -> sound is gone ...

I know its good to have a supressor to hide your position but it kills the impressive sound experience that GRAW creates!!

- Gametypes: Why not a simple "Attack - Defend" Gametype?

Maybe some added objectives: "Kill VIP - Defend VIP" or whatever ..

The fact that one team has to attack on the other has to defend gives both sides simple objectives. Domination is IMHO too coplex for public MP.

And with "attack - defend" none can complain about campers!


- Animations are nice but one thing i realy hate:

In MP most players will wark and/or rund while pressing forward AND strafe key at the same time to have a better view to either the left or the right while moving forward (forw+left to view to right, forw+right to view left).

The problem is that there is no correct animation for that movement! The player model will move straight forward but the animation looks like he is moving forward-left (or right).

It would look much nicer if the player model would just turn his upper body and gun but his legs move straight (when walking), or just turn his head when running!

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Fantasic game.. 9/10 with a boat load of potiental..

I like many, many aspects of the game ... I am just starting lvl 3.

The graphics are great, the maps are great, the Team AI is great..

the missions so far are great, MP is loads of fun both CO-OP and Dom

Two things however .. need a click.. click sound when out of ammo..

Also.. I would like the AI to be a little tighters on thier shots..

I am playing hard and a fe times I have been able to stand in one spot and have the shots zoom by my head with not even a scrap.. I should pay for my mistakes..

Once again, however great job GRIN ... my clan and I are behind you 100%

Not sure if you are back from you trip .. but I should would like to meet up with some of you online...


Irish Stout

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Nice job grin I do love the game. Athough here are some of the issues I am facing.

WHile trying to play co-op with my friend, I could not see his server and when I started a server he could not see mine. Other people were joining both our servers yet when my friend tried to look for it he could not find my server. Eventually we found a multi-player server and I dropped out twice right after loading ( :wall: ) beefore we finally got to play together.

ANother issue is a little bit of the AI when I am in single player. They are very smart sometimes yet... We were getting shot at by a machine gun and my guy just walked in front of it instead of taking cover like I ordered him to. I lost kirkand that misson :( . Really annoying.

I hope these are some issues you are addressing in your patch. The main things being drop outs in multi-player and server browsing issues. A couple of guns and maybe some non city maps? :whistle: (Well if would that would be nice)

Overall great game :thumbsup:

Excuse me while I go play it.

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GRAW is great to play and is def more demanding (for me anyway) than GR1 ever was but I'm getting really pi**ed off with 'putting in a 'memo request' for air strikes etc. whilst in the middle of a firefight. Somebody mentioned voice interraction! where's that?

Probably my ineptitude but I seems like the enemy AI specifically targets Capt Mitchell. He appears to get more attention than his guys do, who btw, do some pretty stupid things. Like a few others, I've shot my own guys more than once cos they move in front of you willy nilly.

I love calling for an airstrike though! Makes you feel less useless against armour!

Can't wait for the patches/mods to add some polish to the game.

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Have only played through the first one and a half missions, but here's my 2 cents so far.

First off - I love this game! :grin1:

The HDR is awesome. I especially like the effect when you cross over from a light to a dark spot and vice versa. Also, as far as the lighting and effects are concerned, the atmosphere feels spot on - though I haven't actually been in Mexico City... :rolleyes:

It is truly a shame that antialiasing had to be sacrificed for these stunning effects, but I still wouldn't want to see the game without them. So AA in my opinion can wait until the hardware can handle it and all the lighting. And I'm definately not getting any of this orange-coloured team-mates or profoundly yellow light effects. The lighting is very realistic in my opinion - at least on my rig. (Specs posted at the end)

The sounds are top-notch and immerse the player into the heart of the urban sprawl. At the moment I've been playing with EAX turned OFF. I'm gonna give the EAX a go next time I play and see how that works out. So far though, I don't really feel the need for it - the sounds are actually that good!

One thing I miss though, is being able to see the source of these sounds. Could the streets really be completely deserted? I would love it if there were some civilians in the game, giving the player even another factor to think about before launching his/her attacks.

Gameplay is a lot of fun, and I find myself jumping in my seat when that sneaky rebel comes at me from some place I've overlooked - and believe me, I'm probably thinking waaaaay too much when I plan things. :rofl:

On a sadder note, I do find that my team's AI is sometimes a little on the stupid side - walking into incoming fire, crossing my line of fire, and walking some real weird roundabout ways to their waypoints, subsequently putting them in the line of fire before I'd planned them to be. The AI is still by far the best I've seen in a tactical game so far, so I feel GRIN is keeping true to the original here. :thumbsup: I also like the way team-mates decide themselves which place gives them the best cover when I give them a move/cover order.

While we're speaking about orders, there are a couple of things I'd like to bring up.

The command map I adore. It's great having live aerial footage of the mission area. Though one thing bugs me with this map - the fact that you can only scroll a certain distance in any direction from Capt. Mitchell's current position on the map. This can be especially annoying when you've got your team spread out a fair bit and still want to be able to plan in advance. It's not a big deal, but something that bothered me a little while planning my moves. I know that clicking M at the top right will bring up a larger view of the map, but seeing as giving orders isn't possible here then it doesn't help as much as I would like. I would also have personally preferred it if the map focused on the chosen squad member when giving orders here.

As for the HUD order menu, I think it's a nice improvement from the original, making it easier to give orders on-the-fly. Although, it can feel a little in the way if you're suddenly met with a confrontation whilst in the middle of giving orders. Also, I got a lot of "Can not comply", or "Negative" when giving orders from the menu. Not sure why.

I'm not sure if I just haven't found these orders yet, but I really miss being able to give my squad members different ROE. (I.e. Assault, Recon, Suppress, At all costs.) It's definately not a must, but sometimes I just wish my SAW gunner didn't open up on the enemy yet - you know what I mean?

Animations in this game are outstanding! I like the idea that everything you can do, so too can the enemy. It really puts the game at a whole new level. I just loved on the first mission when I threw a hand grenade at some enemies who had holed up behind some petrol tanks. They were in a hurry to get away from there! (Unfortunately for them, they ran right into my teammates machinegun fire... >_<)

A lot of detail has been put into the AI's movements - both friend and foe. Like the time a rebel scouting a little ahead of his group got sight of me and actually shouted "gringo" (or something like that) to his friends and pointed in my direction! Or when riding the chopper in on the second mission, one of my teammates actually wiped the dust off his goggles! Attention to detail is a must, and when it comes to the animations, GRIN has done a great job with details.

Unfortunately, there is another detail that seems to have been overlooked. It has to do with sniping. GRIN has utilised a kind of blur on the distant backgrounds - I'm guessing to save CPU, GPU usage. While using normal assault weapons, even those with combat sights, this effect would seem well placed. I think this blur effect on the backgrounds kicks in at around 400 ft, which is all well with the normal assortment of rifles and smg's. But when you pull that 12.7 cal sniper rifle out, the whole blur thing becomes suddenly quite redundant. Being a weapon that can shoot well over the double of the game's rendering distance, it becomes quite obvious that this blurring maybe wasn't such a good idea. I'm no developer, so I don't know all the technical stuff behind the decision. Sadly, this effect has forced me to put the sniper rifle back on the shelf and stick to the combat sights on the assault rifles.

I hope this little glitch could be fixed, 'cos I really like my sniping. :(

As I said, I'm no developer, but I would suggest maybe changing the way the zoom works on the sniper-rifle. In it's current state, it simply zooms in on what the game engine has already rendered. It might be too much for the CPU/GPU, I honestly don't know, but I would think that maybe the zoom on the sniper-rifle should be it's own little rendering within the rendering, if anyone understands what I mean? It's a bit tedious trying to hit a distant enemy when all you can see is the flare from his barrel, he himself being beyond the rendering/blur threshold...

To sum it all up, this game is good.

GRIN has had a tough job from the beginning. Trying to stay true to the Ghost Recon community, but at the same time trying to make a game that will not only be ground-breaking, it will also be attractive to those outside the GR community. So in some cases, compromises had to be made. That withstanding, I think GRIN has done a great job on this game, even if there still is room for improvement. (Which is already underway in the form of a patch to be released in june, I think?)

So this game is getting a thumbs up from me. :grin1: It is not the [Ghost Recon], but it is Ghost Recon.

I'm fully confident in the GRIN-team, and I think that maybe soon we'll be seeing a patch that will change this game from a good game, to a great game.

My rating: 8.5/10

Sorry about the long post there... >_<

My rig:

Gigabyte GA-K8NP-SLI, nForce4 SLI, Socket 939

AMD Athlon X2, 3800+ (Dual Core)

2 GB PC-3200, DDR, Original (DDR-400)

Atrix AT-500W PSU

2 x Sparkle GeForce 7900GT, 256 MB, PCIe

320 GB Western Digital Caviar XL+, 8 MB, SATA

36 GB Western Digital Raptor, 8 MB, SATA, NCQ

NEC ND-3550, 16x

Coolermaster Ammo 533, Black

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First off, I'd like to compliment the devs on a great game. GRAW multi is a VERY exciting experience. Domination has many flaws. The squads are very confusing, not very helpful, and its hard to communicate (VoIP?). Co-op should be fun. I, along with many others can't even load fast enough without getting disconnected. VERY annoying, especially if this game was bought for the co-op experience. I have no comment on co-op since I can't join any games without waiting 10 minutes to load and get disconnected.

Memory usage is acceptable, but for people (and there are a lot) who dont have 1 gig of ram have "wobbly" or "drunken" aiming. Now, I'm no professional, I truly don't understand why ram fiddles with drunken aiming. I've played battlefield 2, it lags a bit, i've played on a crap computer (256 ram), it lagged yes, but the aiming was fine, it didn't fly up down left right diagonal. I want an answer to how exactly this "bug?" relates to ram.

Loading times are scary. Single player takes 30+ minutes for me to load, thus killing the experience. Do not tell me to upgrade my computer, not everyone has money to buy top of the line items, even if they had a job. Please fix some of the lag issues, and tone down the memory usage, I don't see how GRAW would require more memory than BF2(huge levels, A LOT more people).

I personally have only enjoyed 1/4 of the game, IT HAS A LOT of potential, but the problem lies with the bugs, lag, poor multiplayer servers (no dedicated), the load times are HORRIBLE, disconnects from co-op just makes me want to return this game. Add more gametypes, upgrade the server browsers, fix the disconnects(have people all ready up and wait for people to join so it doesnt d/c them all the time, when everyone is ready perhaps a person still loading can be given a timer, or given set weapons etc. and spawn on the team, rather than kicking them out jsut to have it happen again and again.). With patches, fixes, more MAPS and gametypes, this game will easily stand out from the other simple FPS's.

This game has a ton of potential. Please do not pull off another Raven shield on this community.

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Loading times are scary. Single player takes 30+ minutes for me to load, thus killing the experience. Do not tell me to upgrade my computer, not everyone has money to buy top of the line items, even if they had a job.

I hear where you're coming from with your post, but are you sure it takes 30+ minutes in SP to load? If it really does, you should maybe do a spyware sweep and a virus sweep of your system. You may want to run a hard drive optimization program to defrag your drive.


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Most of the cons, like not so brilliant AI, has been already posted here so I won't be dealing with it more than saying that it should be better. Team mates' AI especially is very annoying.

One thing that bothered me is that optical sights block field of view way too much than in real life. IRL you aim always both eyes open so basically with sights like Aimpoint and Eotech there's the red dot or reticle floating in your FOV and edges of sight are blurred. It was quite properly done in Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. Now optical sights are totally useless because you see much more with iron sights and little extra zoom provided by optical sights ain't worth it.

It also seems that Michell almost has very short eye relief (distance from eye to sight). Red dot sights can be used with quite long eye relief. For example there's a picture of real life soldier who have attached Aimpoints to M4's RAS unit, not to the receiver's flat top rail. Well, that's pretty much user preference.

My point in nut shell is that optics in GRAW shouldn't block FOV so much :P

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Hi all,

I am really enjoying getting to know GR on PC again. Picked up the DVD version and popped it into my laptop...

Inspiron 9100

P4 3.0 Ghz


Radeon 9800 Mobility 256MB

Playing at 800x600 with medium settings across the board.

I'm getting an average of 25 fps and it's definitely playable.

I think, along with anyone else with similiar specs, I'll be upgrading to get a few more frames.

The gameplay is a nice departure from the run and gun that I've become accustomed to on the 360 and original xbox.

I really enjoy the block after block of empty streets and then WHAM...big firefight Then a bunch of blocks full of tension...followed by a few minutes of intense firefights.

The team AI is not bad, but I can't wait to give the COOP a whirl. Hopefully, my friends will take cover and not emptying rounds into the walls :-)

Anyone feel a little stupid when you first used the ZEUS MPAR? I wasn't quite sure how to use it until I got into range of the M1A1 I was suppose to blow away. Then, everything was great.

The ability to carry a submachine gun as a secondary is great. I find myself counting bullets a LOT :-)

The graphics are good, but I can see why some people are complaining about jaggies - especially if you can't play at 1280x720 or higher.

Overall, I'm loving it. Thanks, GRIN - it's a great first effort. Look forward to the patch and a long line of expansions.


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After playing a while i have to congratulate to the developing of this kind of AI.

Sure, most of feedback are complaining about misplacements of the bots after orders and some not logical moves. It is not perfect though, but it is the best i ever saw in a tactical shooter environment. For example, you ordered a mate to move to a spot where some cover is near. He will sometimes move with his back in front and you think "what a ######". This is bad, BUT he will take cover and shoot at enemies if there some in range plus he will screen the direction where the enemies are shown up. also he will prone or kneeling behind the cover as intended. This is the good part. when you play around with orders and always trying to set them up in a front screen, you will survive most of the time. Depending on your eagerness it is no problem to stay clear and sweep the rebel bots easily.

My sys specs aren't high but still ok. 2.8 P4 (asus p4c800, 1 gig dual channeling 800 FSB, samsung spinpoint 200, ATI x850 pro) I play at 1280x1024/32. So it feels smooth enough with some tweaks. Mouse lag is a bit slimy at the Tac map but ok.

Many people are mourning about to less weapons. I really don't know why. Perhaps some kind soul will enlighten me. There are all what you need. In my humble opinion there are too many choices though. What the hell is the differ by using the SCAR L or M8 ? The M48 and the sniper rifle are the only irons which has special roles. I personally equip my squad with silenced pistols, 2 gets bazooka's, 1 get ammo and i take more grenades. as primary i almost ever take the SCAR with combat sights. The more impact of the 7.62 is mostly tradable with the better accuracy and stability of the 5.54. Can anyone provide me with the most special roles of the other weapons? Why i should take a medium assault rifle and not a medium assault rifle? :shifty:

Sound is great, although i have to wait for my 5.1 system what is ordered. Soundblaster Audigy 4 brings a really nice rattle of the things happens. I personally love the sound when a buddy fires from a side. The saturated muzzle sound mixed up with the mechanical metallic clack clack of the puller.

However, im neither a fanboy nor a whiner. Just my impressions.

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Played good rounds of Multiplayer last night. Each game about 30 mins long. Notice bodies were pilling up through out the map during the game time. Doesn't look right coming around the corner, and every dead body has their butts pointing in the air, and some other positions. Their is no option to remove dead bodies after being killed?

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VDog' date='May 9 2006, 02:19 PM' post='371227']

Played good rounds of Multiplayer last night. Each game about 30 mins long. Notice bodies were pilling up through out the map during the game time. Doesn't look right coming around the corner, and every dead body has their butts pointing in the air, and some other positions. Their is no option to remove dead bodies after being killed?

LMAO :rofl:

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I love it. But runs a bit choppy and mouse lag. P4 3ghz, ATI9600XT256mb. 1Gig 400mhz ram

Im going to install another Gig of ram this week and see if it gets a bit better. I just have a hard time aiming before I get shot. I get shot alot..........

What kind of mouse you using?

I did a few things to get my mouse working nicely - not sure which of them made the difference.

First off, downloaded coolbits and set my "Max frames to render ahead" to "0". Had read somewhere else here that that should do it.

Also, I'm using a Logitech MX 518, which comes with Mouseware and something called "Setpoint". With this you can turn on game-recognition, then tell the program to use your Setpoint mouse settings, rather than the games.

As I said, not sure which made the difference, but my aiming is fine now.

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I love it. But runs a bit choppy and mouse lag. P4 3ghz, ATI9600XT256mb. 1Gig 400mhz ram

Im going to install another Gig of ram this week and see if it gets a bit better. I just have a hard time aiming before I get shot. I get shot alot..........

What kind of mouse you using?

I did a few things to get my mouse working nicely - not sure which of them made the difference.

First off, downloaded coolbits and set my "Max frames to render ahead" to "0". Had read somewhere else here that that should do it.

Also, I'm using a Logitech MX 518, which comes with Mouseware and something called "Setpoint". With this you can turn on game-recognition, then tell the program to use your Setpoint mouse settings, rather than the games.

As I said, not sure which made the difference, but my aiming is fine now.

MX700 wireless works WONDERS !!!! no lag wireless RF great logitec mouse with rubber coating

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