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GRAW Demo movies

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Hey there first off im new to the boards here ill be stayin for a while i love the GRAW Demo i made a video review if you guys want to see it :) cant wait for this game to come out.

Link is up enjoy my review

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All right link is up enjoy my video i all so posted how to get high settings in support forms :). Ill make a better video if you guys want take my time i just did this one quick if you guys want it ill make it

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Let's try and keep all the homemade movies in one thread.

Topic's merged + edited thread name.

Back to topic, looks good guys. Maybe drop the pre-mission briefing and just start with the action from the get-go.

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GUESS WHAT!!!! i got AA-AF-HDR all to work at the same time i got a video comeing soon hang tight


Im interested as well as this was just posted from GRIN

Ok, I'm not going to turn this into a Q&A thread, but I'll comment on this one thing, since so many are whining about it.

AA and deferred lighting (which is used in GRAW) are not compatible. It's a limitation of PC hardware, not the game.

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