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Thoughts About GRAW


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Everything looks great, the sounds are crisp and there's a serious tactical curve to this one. but damn the game runs laggy on lowest possible settings. it shouldn't.

I found turning lighting and shadow effects off helped somewhat. I did notice aiming problems in the prone you can't aim below eye level...

I don't have a top notch card but I will get one. The map is sweet alot of good hiding places and shadows.

I'll reserve judgement when the ful version gets to my door.

GRIN, good work guys, you really pushed the envelope on this puppy. I like it.

Can you make the setting allow for bilinear instead of just trilinear and what not? my Geforce 6200 can't deal too well with this. :g_withgrin:

enemy are 1,000 times smarter and will engage you in a real fashion.

excellent Grin. Bo you did good research on this as the military expert.

Best Regards,


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so, the demo is out. got it from ubi with decent d/l rates.

installed it right away and updated to the new nvidia drivers (with laptopvideo2go-inf).

first thing i noticed: the loading times are way to long. getting into the games menu and/or into the map takes roughly 2 mins. :blink:

made some changes to the options concerning gfx and controls and fired up level 1. first thought: medium-textures aren't too pretty when in the foreground. like when youve been inserted by chopper and you look around inside the cabin.

second thought: i have to get rid of shadows and dynamic lights to get decent fps. playing on med-res textures, low effects and w/o shadows and dynamic lights on 1024x768. still i get crappy fps. feels like 25-35 fps.

is there any way to get ingame-fps like in gr1? scanned the xml-files but found no option.

ok, getting started to reach vip1s position. got popped twice after the second saving-point. man, i recently played some swat4 which is pretty deifficult, but graw is slightly more difficult concerning enemy-a.i. and their tactics. im impressed.

also the team-ai searches for cover, give covering fire, etc.

but there are also some a.i.-gliches. like all of my squad got dropped by some machinegunner, when they were trying to get some cover, but standing behind some low-height cover instead of kneeling behind it.

unfortunately i didnt have too much time, so i didnt finish level 1. all i can say is, that the game is quite demanding on both the pc-system as well as on the player too.

found myself surfing on some pc-parts-resellers-sites on the internet and dreaming of a new rig. dunno if the demo is optimized yet. maybe the full version runs faster, but i doubt it. i recall playing gr1 on my 300mhz-k6-II with geforce256 back in the days. castle-level ran very good. bought the retail and found myself having low fps on maps like "caves". so......

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My thoughts so far:

Excellent. The gameplay is so smooth, the guns are accurate and deadly, I LOVE it so far. There is penetration through sandbags and protective metal with a sniper rifle. The sniper rifle one shot kills anywhere, leg, arm, whatever. Very nice. The only thing I dont like is when you peek you stay peeked when you release the peek key and only peek back when you move or hit peek again(maybe theres an option to make it traditional? I dont know). Now all I need is my favorite gamestyles of TDM and Objective no respawn setups. Great job GRIN. Props.

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