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Sky Screen bug

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For some reason when I zoom in around the 20th time or so in a map I get 3/4 of my screen = sky and 1/4 of my screen = black. I can still here my guy doing stuff i.e. reload, go prone.. but I can't see it. Using a Geforce 6800GT 256mb, 1 gig of ram, 3.2 ghz p4.

Using latest drivers or the beta drivers produces same results.

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Didn't fix the problem by the way, jus took a little longer. Been uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and redoing lots of settings, still haven't found a fix. It's not always a sky now. My screen just freezes after about 10 minutes of gameplay. I would say its my video card overheating but I can play 10 minutes nonstop back to back to back.. if it was overheating it would be less each time i started the game up.

Anyone have any ideas?

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using the following

p4 3.2 -HT on

1 gig DDR400

Abit board

NVidia Geforce 6800 GT 256mbs - using beta drivers currently

Audigy ZS2

All drivers from what I can tell are updated to the latest possible. I ran single player fine for quite a while after I reinstalled, once I started trying to get vent and hamachi and a lan game going again it started all over.

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my Audigy shows up as just that an Audigy, i noticed turning off AA in my driver made it take longer to happen but it still happens.

I am using the 84.21 Forceware's i havent tried any others yet i hate changing drivers and only do it when a new one comes out, although i havent checked my soundcard drivers though in a few months, just checked its upto date

i am about to install the new Via 4-in-1 ver. 5.08 and see if i notice anything

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could it have something to do with a SLI setting? if one half of the game is being rendered but the other not, it sounds like something SLI related. Is there a SLI setting in the game that you have to make sure is off?

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