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This is another one of my awesome crash landings.... After the crash landing, I hopped out and legged it into the building I crashed into landed on top of. The screenshot was taken by the SAR Little Bird (in first person view). The pilot brought his chopper down as he neared, and levelled off at 11metres off the ground to get a load of my crash landing. Then he proceeded to put the bird down just inside the base entrance and the SAR team moved into the building to locate and extract the pilot (me) and bring him back to the SAR bird.

Click to enlarge.


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awesome screens zebb, as always .. :rocky:

MEC Jets gettin ready for some mass bombing ...


MEC soldier with Invisible Rifle


USMC Soldier, I know Kung fu ...


This USMC soldier was saying "it was this big" ...


Gearing up for some C4 jumping .. he he..


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damn squad_e, ever heard of ImageShack.  It'll create thumbnail for you so we don't have to wait a gazillion of minutes (5 minutes on my DSL :P ) to see those awesome SS.

I'm saving my pennies for that game.

Also :whistle:


My bad, those are hosted with imageshack lolzorz..

its startin to annoy me too, waitin on loading screens <_< taste of my own medicine..

I play this game with keyboard only, dont have a steering wheel, no room to put it ..


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