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"Whoa, that's a GTA 3 mod right? I got GTA 3 and I aint seen that stuff in it yet...."

This mod is from REALGTA3.NET and their currently working on the Vice City version. The only mod I use and still have a blast.

"Who's gonna mod the A-Team van into GTA 3 or GTA VC then? "

Yea, what about it, its about time someone here makes a GTA3:Ghostrecon

mod...nothing but military vehicles and weapons....

Oh i can see it now....drooollll :rofl:

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Turrican II on my wonderful Commodore 64. Actually now I play with the emulator  ;)

That game owned on the C64, along with Project Stealth Fighter, Wizball and Space Rogue to name but a few. Still think some of the RPG's on the C64 were better than some of todays games for playability value (all SSI releases were awesome, as were the Ultima and A Bards Tale series of games)

I've still got my old C64, datasette, 1541-II FDD, Action Replay mk 6 professional and a thousand tapes and disks full of games and apps (yes, the C64 was more than a games machine). Not sure if it still works though, haven't turned it on in about 14 years...

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Americas Army - A glitch showing a friendly as an enemy (I was spectating and got that cool 3rd person looking view lol)


Another glitch showing a guy throwing his weapon and not a nade


Me landing ontop of a pencil wide tree with my parachute


Me before landing on the tree ;)


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Thankyou for flying WytchDokta Airways!


(Click the thumbnail for the full sized pic)

Look at that awesome landing!! The chopper is tilted and almost off the landing pad. Note smoke bellowing from chopper due to hard landing. Oh, did I mention that I was carrying for other persons on board at the time of the landing?

At the time when I took the screenshot, we had all safely exited the chopper. Almost had to jump out of it though, as you can see, a hard landing indeed!

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WytchDokta, is that you again?! :lol::blink:


(Click thumbnail for larger image).

That's a pic of WD's failed attempt at landing on roof of target building in order to insert chalk 1. The pic is taken looking out of a top floor window of the building. Not the bullet holes in the side of the Littlebird. I took alot of ground fire (small arms fire though) on my way to the target area (there is actually about 10-15 bullet holes in the right hand side of my Littlebird now! I was flying low so that I could engage enemy armour or ground units along the way and to support some of the friendly troops already on the ground. I was supposed to land on top of the target building, not try to fly in through the window!

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Oh no, not again! WytchDokta attempts to land an Apache.

Once landed (not very well though), I got out of the Apache and took this pic:


"If that's Murdoc, I ain't gettin' in the air wit' that crazy foo'!"

- B A Baracus (Mr. T)

The Apache is fully stopped (that's why the rotor blades ain't going, duh!), but it is actually floating (back wheel off the ground by far, front right wheel off the ground by far, front left wheel just off the ground) though tipped to one side.

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