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time to post some DEMO FAQs

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It seems a lot of ppl are having problems with this demo. Which this is ONLY a demo, not a true representation of the final game. It would help if ppl would post YOUR PCs specs first then your observations.

Tell us your:

CPU: brand and speed

Graphic card: Brand, model, RAM size, Overclocked or not O/C, VERY IMPORTANT: driver version, watercooled or aircooled. SLI or single card

RAM: brand, model number, amount,

Motherboard: brand, BIOS

HD: brand, speed, RAID or not RAID

Soundcard: Brand, version, or is it onboard

Monitor: brand and resolution settings (low, medium, high, AA)

Window??? XP Home or Pro, SP? 1 OR 2


1) Introduction

2) Contents

3) The Map

4) The Missions

5) Weapons and Camo

6) AI both teammates and enemy

7) Sound

8) Was your expectation met?

9) list. DO NOT RANT. List what would help, not what suck this and that. BE CONSTRUCTIVE.

10) Demo Conclusion

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My Comp:

ATi CATALYST driver version 6.4 with CCC

Win XP SP2

AMD FX-55 @stock

DFI Lanparty nforce 4

OCZ 2x1024MB PC-4000 Gold GX XTC DC @stock

ATi X1900XTX

Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS

2x WD 74GB Raptor

520W OCZ Modstream

24" Widescreen Dell Ultrasharp 2405FPW

Everything aircooled.

I hope this description will be ok:

I'm posting this about me not beeing able to run the demo, here as well:

When i start up the demo it appears to be ok at first, with the little G.R.A.W window appearing and the usual black screen before all the "Runs best on nVidia"-stuff appears. But it never goes beyond the little window and the black screen - it instead just quits back to the desktop. It just can't get beyond that point. I've tried to start the demo in different resolutions through the ini-type files in the demo folder and i have also tried to start the game in windowed mode and re-installing it about 4 times - always with the same above result.

What could be wrong?

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Dell Latitude D810 Laptop

2ghz PentM

1gb mem

ATI Mobility Radeon X600 128mb

Yes, it reminds me of GR1 when i first played it.

Teammate AI seems to be pretty good overall - a few times they would run in front of me to take out a tango.

I am having a problem with some of the textures, the far away trees and tires of all vehicles are very bad. I have tried low and medium textures with no change. I have not checked for an updated video driver yet, as this is only my work machine not my gaming rig. (Updated video driver and that solved the problem).

From what i have seen so far, I am impressed! I am not going to gripe about little things, GRIN didn't make the game to appeal specifically to me. I can't wait to get my hands on the full version!

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AMD Athlon 2400xp

geForce 6800 128meg (Driver 84.21)

1 gig ram

nforce2 MB

on board sound

Dell 2100FP


I'm not going to get into details right now, but when I first ran the game, it was unplayable, even at the auto settings and 800x600. Very choppy and stuttery. I was pretty letdown. I know my system cpu is old, but damn.

Saw that some were having success updating their drivers. I hate doing that because it screws my desktop and blows away my color corrections. But, every now and then you have to do it so......it worked.

Game is much better now. :grin3: Smooth and playable. I'll bang on it for a while, but just updating the drivers made a HUGE difference. I think I was two driver releases back.

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AMD Athlon FX-60

EVGA GeForce 7800GTX SLI

DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR

2GB OCZ PC3200 Ehanced Latency

Seagate Baracuda 200GB 7200RPM SATA

SoundBlaster Audigy 2

ViewSonic P95F+

Running ; Windows XP SP2, Forceware 84.25, Latest DX9.

Game runs like cr@p at 1280x960 everything high, 8AF.

Game runs like cr@p at 1280x960 with Shadows Off and Post processing to low.

Overall, did I say the game runs like cr@p ? When I say cr@p I mean, the first scene, while not even moving, standing right were the blackhawk drops you, with no firefights or anything, FPS ranges from 20 to 40 FPS.

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Win xp pro-sp1

DFI LANPART ut_Ultra -D.

AMD 3700+ @ 2.8G

Ocz gold 2gb kit.


SB Audigy platnum.

Latest ATI drivers.

19" crt hansol 920d.

6) AI both teammates and enemy

AI is great so far and men respond well.

7) Sound

Sound Is top notch no problems here.

8) Was your expectation met?



Texture has no effect on visual or performance

Texture filtering has no effect on visual or performance

Effect Quality has no effect on visual or performance

Dynamix shadows has no effect on visual or performance

AA od AF has no effect on visual or performance

All of the above settings apear to not be working hence why the graphics looks very bad. Any resoloution under 1280 x 1024 has bad jaggies. average is 28fps and only has playable at 800 x 600 at 40-70fps.

Tryed omega drivers latest and same as above.

The graphics look nothink like they should according to screen shots. Xbox version looks miles ahead. Im sure this wil be sorted.

Thanks for the demo but was dissopointed as far as graphics go. If the release game comes out like this I would say it was not ready for release.

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CPU: Pentium D920 (Dual Core 2.80GHz, 800FSB, 2x2MB Cache

Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 7800GTX, 256MB, not O/C,

Driver: Nvidia ForceWare Release 84.21 (single card)

RAM: 2048MB Dual Channel DDR2 533Mhz (4x512)

HD: 250GB SATA boot, 2x320 SATA-USB (no raid)

Soundcard: Audigy 2 ZS

Monitor: Samsung @ 1024x768 (auto detect settings, NO AA)

Windows: XP Pro SP2

I've played a couple of hours, tried lots of settings and can't get more than 30-50 FPS.

It drops sometimes down to 20FPS, jaggy graphics due to NO ANTIALIASING.

Not even when I try to override using Nvidia utility I get AA. Graphics look "old".

I have to say I'm not too impressed with the demo. Most because of the graphics.

The GR1 feeling IS there, I was too busy changing my settings to notice earlier.

Hopefully this problem with AA won't occure with retail version.

The most annoying thing is when on the ground and you try to fire a shot under a car.

You can't aim low enough... this MUST be a giant bug!?

AI awesome, sound is great. I prefer without music. It's too "arcade" with music in the background. :)

My expectations? I can't really say this early.


* FPS, what's up with the 15-45FPS no matter what rez?! Not even without any AA?! :ph34r:

* Jaggy graphics, stuttering fps, really bad graphics, why why why? :nono:

* Prone bug

* Switching weapons, way too slow

* Strafe and throw nade, switch to running. All too "slow"

* The movement feels way too slow. Hopefully a real soldier is more "versatile"

* I do NOT like the peek left/right around corners feeling

I do NOT like the fact (lol) that I can't get any ANTIALIASING on my brand new computer!

GRAW ownz! (soon) Did I mention AA? :g_withgrin:

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Im hoping that this demo is a early beta version in which case why even release a demo that dont do the game justice. I would not perchase this game is it was based on what visual impresion I have got thus far. If this demo was released 3 months ago then I could relax but iv preordered the game all ready payed for.

Im sure the guys will fix these problems or have already fixed them between making the demo and the finnished product, I hope!

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When i move my mouse to aim it is weird because it takes like a couple of milliseconds to respond and move, i dont think it has to do with fps because its not choppy or anything and i tried messing with the sensitivity but its still like that, anyone else have that problem?

CPU: Amd 64 3200+

GPU: 6800 GT

1 GB corsair pc3200 ram

80 gb hdd

msi nforce 4 mobo

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Now ive played more things that niggle me more :

Tactical Map :

When I want to move the map around in GR1 I could use w/s/a/d left right up and down, but its arrow keys which is slow for realtime .. binding this map movement to other than arrows would be great.

Also unless im mistaken when you select a team mate in tactical map and your zoomed in viewing your position, when you slect a team mate thats out of the current map view it doesnt seem to auto locate/scroll to that selected team mate. Ive had to manualy go to arrow keys and then move the map to that position which is realy slow to quickly set a waypoint.

Also ... why is it even though my team and myself have not located enemy you can see them waiting for you on the tactical map (not a diamond but a full body representation) .. surely you have not seen them yet for them to be shown?

Like GR1 can there be a quick map view key also, so i can move and then tap a key to see map while key is held down as i move & then map off as i release?

When you have Ghost Team selected (not just one member but the actual team) and you set a way point ... whay cant I chain them like I can for an indivdual? Is this a case of Team AI will deal with cover? I would like to be able to place a waypoint chain for my team if possible.

Weapon selection :

Secondry weapon etc selection isnt great / very clunky, having each weapon under 3 keys would be better option or like GR1 under 1 key be able to scroll/toggle through your kit fast .. tap, tap, tap ... each tap is a change of weapon. Though as with team selection 1/2/3 .. it would be good for weapons to be similar.

Cross com of team mates :

When you have a team mate selected you can press "g" to view his headcam ... can it be changed so that if i say page-up / page-down I can switch to head cam of other team mates without pressing "g" coming out .. selecting team mate and pressing "g" again? UPDATE: realise we have 1/2/3 (oops) but maybe a bind to one key to scroll through em aswell? IE: I set tab and when I press "g" and im viewing headcam .. tab will then scroll through my team downward through members from the member its currently viewing kind of thing.

Menus :

When I select my middle mouse button to set a task and I click it without realising I have to scroll to the bottom to select "cancel" ... is there a quicker way to kill the menu? I thought re-clicking middle mouse wheel would switch off but that actualy executes the top highlighted action. So far I quickly tab and tab again so the map kills it.

Are these quick menu actions available to set to a key? So maybe my most used ones can be bound to something else other than just this way to access them?

Could it be set more like Raven shield wheres you bing the action to a key which is only on the screen as you press it dowm, and the mouse can be used to quicky highligh an action and click to execute. If your mistaken and dont want menu, simply releasing the key removes the menu. Maybe also if you action something and realise its a mistake could the "stop" function have a key to bind to it? That way its even faster to cancel a mistake without going back into the menu to then cancel.

Im just thinking of the pace of this game and not having to distract your eye too much,

Graphics Generaly

I deffo have a low end setup so not a biased opinion here (9800Pro 128MB). I just cant help coming back to the point of why this game needs so much to run on high settings, and the main thing is scalable textures. To have so much FPS killed realy ties into textures more than anything so I have that "low" which I was so suprised about. Of all they eye candy you can do without having to force textures "low" and no other choice just doesnt sit right with me too much. I cant realy get my head around that. I can understand effects and smoke and shadows and dynamic type things / "next gen" causing lag but after realy playing with settings my main FPS killer is something that isnt next gen to any game .... > textures. My point is, why can that be a little bit more scalable so its not such a jump on fps from simply low -> medium, medium to high ... yes, no problem, but low or nothing?

I set everything to as high as possible so it was not playable but just to "see" what it all looked like. I have to honestly hand on heart say that the Juice needed in comparison to full eye candy just doesnt fully add up. I was dribbling but in comparison it wasnt a massive next gen look that warented the amound of horse power. I dont know ... it to me just doesnt add up fully.

Im not complaing as my system doesnt add up, but this is also refering to high end system people who can run it high ... my question ultimately is - "Having it all on high can you honestly say that what you 'see' realy does honestly justify & need that much horsepower?".

I may be missing thigns and not realising certain options. If I have stated something stupid that you can do and im missing the point then certainly let me know via PM! :D

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AMD XP Barton 3000+ (2.09Ghz Overclocked to 2.2ghz).

Saphhire ATi X800 GTO 256mb (AGP) Not Overclocked.

Catalyst Driver 6.4, Air Cooled, single card.

Crucial CT6464Z40B 2x 512mb DDR PC3200.

ABIT NF7-S v2.0 Latest BIOS.

Maxtor 40gb IDE HDD

Onboard SoundStorm 5.1 sound.

CRT 17" Monitor, 1280x1024 60hz, High Texture Resolutions, no AA.

Windows XP Pro SP2.

The game runs flawlessly apart from the laggy-mouse syndrome as described by most people already.

Also having trouble aiming at enemies when laying prone ontop of curbs and steps etc.

I have experienced two system crashes during the game so far but have reason to suspect overheating to be the culprit until further notice.

Other than the above, the game seems fine so far.

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Asus A8N SLI Premium

AMD X2 4200+

2GB Corsair XMS PC3200 Dual Channel, 2 x 1GB

Dual 7800 GT's in SLI

ViewSonic VX2025w 1680x1050 native @ 60hz

Windows XP Pro SP-2

Nvidia 84.21 WHQL

I haven't spent a lot of time in game yet cause most of the people I play with can't run the game because of hardware deficiencies.

My main gripe so far is the max resolution I can choose in game is 1280x1024 while my monitors native resolution is 1680x1050 and I play GR-1 at this resolution.

In my profile, I am choosing Multi GPU rendering.

I've seen posts on another thread from some others with almost the same rig that are having the same issue.

I am wondering if this is an SLI issue.

Other than that, I thought the graphics looked pretty darn good at 1280x960 which is the closest to a wide screen aspect I could choose. The controls and CrossCom will sure take some getting used to.

I've also noticed the fact that you are unable to aim down while prone, your weapon is locked above the ground. Not acceptable at all.

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I don't like the lean. I wish it was more like previous Clancy games. RvS probably had this one down the best and that's saying a lot since I didn't particularly care for that game.

Others have commented on shooting while prone and the mousewheel menus. I ain't too crazy about those either.

I don't like save points, but I suppose there's no changing that now.

Other than that, it's pretty darn good. :thumbsup:

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Pentium 4 2.7ghz

6600le 256mb card

1GB ram

xp home with sp2

The game looks great i like the menus and selection screens although it does take some getting used to after stepping away from playing GR1 for the last 3 1/2 years almost every day.

The sound is brill and the effect are wow.

the only thing i have noticed, and a few ppl have commented on it already is that freindly AI seem over coloured eg like there is too much contrast lighting on them ? strange when every thing else in game is lit purfect. Enemy AI is good Freindly AI do silly thing now and again like walking throw your fire arc when your in a fire fight. also the enemy when killed drop in some weired ways eg i hit 1 in the head with 3 round from a m8 and he just sat down on the ground dead? no recoil from the impact... But hey the last two point are silly grips after all its just the demo.

all that said i do have 1 big problem when ever i try to change a setting (screen res, sound, text) the game crashes to desk top. It also does this when i quit the game.

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CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3700+

Graphic card: Sapphire Radeon X1900XTX(512MB GDDR3), aircooled, not overclocked, Catalyst 6.2, single card.

RAM: Buffalo 2 GB DDR400

Motherboard: ASUS A8V-E SE

HD: Western Digital 320 GB, not RAID

Soundcard: onboard

Monitor: Scott 19' @1024x768 (AA 8x and AF 16x)

Window XP Home SP2

Runs really smooth. No lag at all, but I haven't tested the fps yet. No problems with mouse-lag (never heard of such a thing before).

1) Introduction

I've really enjoyed the demo, and I can't wait for the full version. The graphics haven't really blown me away. Don't get me wrong, they were very good but not top-notch.

2) Contents

I really like the scenario. Awesome atmosphere and good looking surroundings.

3) The Map

I love the new map. Way better than the GR1 map. It's zoomable, it's detailed and it's clearly structured. Good work on it.

4) The Missions


I like the abrupt turn in the mission after you've found the empty president's limo(w/ the firefight before getting the new objective).

So far the game was keeping me entertained.

5) Weapons and Camo

Good looking weapons. Got to test the recoil(haven't tested that one yet - I'm always switching to single-shot). Camo is really a bit too orange, but all in all that doesn't matter so much to me. The overall uniform looks awesome, very detailed. I just love the look of the ghosts.

6) AI both teammates and enemy

Good AI from the ghosts. They always run for cover and try to find a good shooting position. But sometimes they don't go to the exact place where I've ordered them to.

The enemy AI was good, but not exceedingly good. They are searching for cover and they move good but it's not too hard for me to kill them. I haven't played the game on the hardest difficulty yet, but it was way too easy on the 2nd difficulty.

7) Sound

Divine sound. Awesome gun sounds, good music(adds alot to the atmosphere) and the acknowledgements of the ghosts also sound good.

8) Was your expectation met?

All in all, yeah my expectations were met.

10) Demo Conclusion

9/10. Overall an awesome demo, but the graphics were not fully satisfying and so was the enemy AI(although I haven't played it in the hardest difficulty).

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My “work†setup is as follows:

CPU: AMD 2400+ @2.0 gigahertz

Graphic card: NVidia XFX 6800GT AGP single 256mb standard clock speeds, air cooled. Driver 84.21

RAM: Generic PC3200 DDR RAM, 1Gb (2x 512Mb in Dual Channel Mode)

Motherboard: K7S8X, American Megatrends P1.90 07/11/2003

HD: IBM Deskstar 34Gb 7200RPM IDE non raid

Soundcard: Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS

Monitor: OEC 17†@ 1024x768

Windows XP Home, SP 2


1) Introduction

I’ve played all the GR1 original and expansion missions, and really enjoyed them both in single and co-op modes. I’ve played the demo for about 3 hours so far on two PC’s. This is my “work†pc which is of a lower spec.

2) Contents

The overall content of the demo is excellent. Menu screen is a real crowd drawer. Short tutorial before the mission is also good, and the weapon load-out part is brilliantly done.

3) The Map

The map strikes me as being well designed. It has a good sense of being a large area in an even larger city. It didn’t strike me as pointing me in the direction I must go, as I could skirt round the objectives quite a way. It seemed very atmospheric graphically and sonically. Tin cans were a bit annoying!

4) The Missions

There was a suggestive amount of variety in the demo missions – go to point A, hang around a bit, go to point B, cause a big bang. Hopefully game missions will be more varied. An observer couldn’t believe how long the mission took and how big the area was (these were seen as positive points). Save points seemed well balanced and positioned.

5) Weapons and Camo

The weapons seemed suitably varied, although I find it hard to believe that in 2013 grenade launchers and sniper rifles have to be reloaded after a single shot! I didn’t find a “3 round burst†option with the weapons I used (only single rounds or full auto) but that may have been due to my weapon choices. Recoil seemed a little excessive. Load out screens were excellent. They were done really well and the option of upgrading the weapons, having SMGs as backup weapons, and space for extra ammo or grenades was supurb.

Cammo I thought was good – enemies can be hard to spot until they move, although whether they are flagged with a red diamond, appear on the tactical map, or remain unobserved seems random!

6) AI both teammates and enemy

I’ve only played on medium so far, but AI for both appeared pretty good. Friendlies did wander across each others field of fire occasionally. The mission close screen only gave a 35% orders carried out score, but this could be poor orders on my part and not a reflection of the AI!

7) Sound is excellent in stereo, and I’m sure is even better in 5.1. Very atmospheric, although I did turn off the music after about 45mins. I think I found a bug as one of the AI friendlies constantly told me he was re-loading about two thirds of the way through the mission. It could be that he had run out of ammo, perhaps?

8) The demo has definitely wetted my appetite for the game, but I am disappointed in the graphics. Using FRAPs I’m only getting a frame rate of 18 to 30 most of the time, despite playing with varios settings. Lowering the resolution to 800x600 helped a little but it looked very jagged at this resolution even on a CRT. I also think there are some issues with the control system.

9) Faster load times – seems to take ages

BLANK screen when loading – scary – what about a logo or timer or something?

Weapon selection is iffy with a mouse wheel (assuming your mouse has a wheel!). Keys bound to change up/down or direct select a weapon would be better

Team/Individual order too fiddly, especially in battle when using mouse wheel

3 round burst mode?

Semi auto sniper/grenade launchers?

Support for older GFX cards?

Couldn’t select a drone in the demo (could just be me)

10) The demo has definitely made me want more, although it also highlights some issues that if not already addressed in the full game will need to be sorted in a future “add-onâ€. I’m off to play the demo again.


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