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Mouse lag (Forced mouse smoothing)?

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Ok heres my setup.

Amd 64-3000

2gig (ddr 440)

6800 gt oc

Audigy 2 zs

Now i'm not sure whats happening here, either it be thier way of forcing body awareness or what but it's bad enough to the point of unplayable for me.

It's not my frame rate as I'v tried every and any setting possible and it seems I stuck with 45 or so+ sometimes only 35+. Framerate is another issue tho and i'l touch up on that later.

I think the problem is mainly due to the fact that they seem to be forcing Vsync (For some ungodly unknown reason!!! I hate Vsync and it eats up resources wich = bad framerates). Vsync is usually the reason behind mouse lag or unresponsivness.

Other then that I think it's an overall lack of graphic custumization.

1. I am unable to turn HDR off. This eats up frames and IMO looks bad.

2. No Vsync toggle.

3. If I go with 1024x768 or lower res my game completely lags out... But if I use anything above it's fine?? WTH is that all about? So basicly the game runs smoother at higher resolutions... It makes no sense...

4. Ontop of that i'm sure thiers other things i'm missing.

But whatever. It's unplayable to me. I gues i'm an unlucky one.

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config= Athlon XP3200+ / 1Go DDR / 9800Pro 128Mo / logitech MX518 / 19" Diamontron

Same as you . . . Mouse have a bad response (lag) cannot play , it s the same if it s in 1280x1024 or 800x600 . . . ( fell like my mouse had transformed as a Xbox360 pad )

cannot explain all in english but to resume all ; the topographie of map and the gameplay of this game seem to be a little flat . . :o= miss the magic touch of the N°1

*the weapon on the screen should be disable . . . like it s on the original game i think (only the HUD as an option ) and the analog Zoom miss too . . .

*too many button in the same time for to do simple thing , do i have to buy another keybord for me feet ? ? ? always run , must be reactivated in the options menu too . . .

GG GRIN , you are on the good way for gr4 , the next will be as good as the first where i hope ! ! !

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lool ; buy a new computer and send the note to GRIN or UBI

yes , i have the same fealing with mouse in the demo of far cry , but not as it s here . . .

it s like im playing with an Xbox pad , not a mouse

sorry but we can only wait for the Patch at this time :wall:

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Mee too - its not a graphics setting problem, it happens @ any settings.

changing your frames ahead to 0 in the NV control panel helps a bit but its not perfect.

this needs fixing ASAP, we need in game options for both mouse smoothing and v-sync.

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