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GR:AW Demo Co-Op anyone?


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Thanks to Dannik for the info... but I feel this should be made public simply for saftey concerns of others.

If you use Hamachi, run it only when playing GRAW, that's it. Otherwise, it opens your computer up for people to explore. I wont say how, but Dannik found my pr0n music collection fairly easily. He was able to name off files.

So be careful guys ;)


GGs, for all of you who I got to play with, it was a blast... even if my Captains had a bad habit of dying 5 minutes in, lol. :)

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Played some using BattleLAN last night. Getting it up and running was a snap. We did have a problem with the demo crashing though. Every time we played, it crashed at different points. Hopefully it won't be an issue with the internet play in the full version and it's a problem caused by tricking it with BattleLAN. The multiplayer is definitely great. We consistantly got much farther into the level without losses than I have been able to manage in single-player with AI teammates.

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